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Explosive Personality is a weapon that many players are looking to get their hands on. While it may not be as easy to get as it was upon release, there is still hope.

Find out how to get Explosive Personality as well as what rolls are worth crafting in this guide.

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To get Explosive Personality in Destiny 2, purchase it from Xur when he visits on the weekends.

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How to Get Explosive Personality in Destiny 2

Explosive Personality was introduced to the game with the Season of the Risen. It is a Solar Wave Frame Grenade Launcher that could be earned from the Seasonal Activity at the time, PsiOps Battlegrounds.

These PsiOps Battlegrounds would reward players with Seasonal armor pieces and weapons that were added with Season of the Risen.

Explosive Personality was one of these weapons. Players can no longer access PsiOps Battlegrounds, meaning they can no longer obtain an Explosive Personality as they normally would.

Players with Umbral Engrams can decrypt them for a chance at obtaining an Explosive Personality, though these Engrams are also no longer dropping from Seasonal Activities.

As with every other weapon from past Seasons, the only way to unlock an Explosive Personality is by waiting for Xur to sell one when he visits on the weekends.

Xur will have a random selection of weapons and Exotic armor pieces every time he visits. He and Banshee-44 are the only vendors in the game that can still sell weapons from past Seasons of Destiny 2.

Sadly, patience and a lot of luck are needed to get Explosive Personality today.

What is the God Roll Explosive Personality?

If you do manage to find an Explosive Personality for sale, you may want to know if the roll it has is any good.

Explosive Personality is a Solar Wave Frame Grenade Launcher, shooting a projectile that emits a wave of energy forward upon impact with the ground.

It comes with the Origin Trait Land Tank, causing final blows to increase Resilience and reduce damage taken for a short duration.

Wave Frame Grenade Launchers are great for ad clearing. A single shot can take out multiple enemies as the wave shoots forward on the ground.

You will want Perks that complement this strength as much as possible. You will always want Auto-Loading Holster on this weapon.

This will let you swap to your Primary weapon after firing your Explosive Personality and have a shot loaded as soon as you need it again.

If you are not lucky enough to find one with Auto-Loading Holster then your next best bet is either Threat Detector or Feeding Frenzy to help increase your reload speed as much as possible to make up for the lack of automatic reloading.

Stats for All can also increase reload speed, though it is more situational.

There is a bit of variety in the secondary Perk column. Disruption Break is great for taking out Major enemies with elemental shields.

Unrelenting can save you in a pinch by quickly regenerating a portion of your health. Frenzy, Golden Tricorn, and One for All are all decent damage-enhancing Perks as well.

Regardless of the roll, however, you will want to purchase any Explosive Personality that you can find. It is a craftable weapon.

In order to unlock its crafting pattern, you will need to own five separate Explosive Personality weapons and use Deepsight Harmonizers on them. Learn more about this process in our guide on How to Extract a Weapon Pattern.

A crafted Explosive Personality has access to Enhanced Perks, giving you additional stats or faster automatic reloading times. If possible, a crafted Explosive Personality is the best version you can get.

On release, Explosive Personality was a great weapon. Today, there are plenty of Wave Frame Grenade Launchers available that you could use in place of an Explosive Personality.

Forbearance, for example, is a Wave Frame Grenade Launcher that rolls with Chain Reaction and Ambitious Assassin, making it one of the best special weapons in the game.

If you can’t seem to find Explosive Personality on sale, it is probably best to look for a more recent Wave Frame Grenade Launcher.

Explosive Personality had its time. If you are lucky, you may find one and get to try it out soon.

What are your thoughts on Explosive Personality? Do you think it is still worth getting today? Let me know in the comments!

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