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Heart of Inmost Light is one of the best PVE Exotics Titans have access to in Destiny 2, providing them with Empowered abilities that make challenging activities a breeze.

If you are new to Destiny 2 or have just been unlucky enough to not get your Heart of Inmost Light to drop yet, this guide should get you going on the right track.

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There are several different ways to obtain Heart of Inmost Light in Destiny 2, with some methods being more reliable than others.

To get Heart of Inmost Light in Destiny 2, you can either complete Legendary Lost Sectors on your Titan while being solo, defeat Grandmaster Nightfalls, which have a chance of dropping Exotic gear, check out Xur, which has a chance of selling Heart of Inmost Light, or farm Powerful and Pinnacle drops that have a chance of being an Exotic drop.

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How to Get Heart of Inmost Light in Destiny 2

One of the most sought-after Exotics in Destiny 2 is the Heart of Inmost Light. Here are the different ways to obtain it in the game.

Legendary Lost Sectors

One of the fastest and most reliable methods for getting any Exotic armor piece to drop is to do Solo Legendary Lost Sectors.

Legendary Lost Sectors are much more challenging than the average Lost Sector, with many champion spawns and modifiers applied.

When you complete a Solo Legendary Lost Sector, you will have a decent chance at getting Exotic armor to drop. Your chances increase with every Champion you defeat.

Beating it on Master Difficulty will also increase your chances of rewarding Exotic armor, though many find it easier to just farm the Legend difficulty as you can usually clear them much faster.

The Legendary Lost Sector changes daily, as does the type of Exotic armor it drops, rotating between helmet, chest, gauntlets, and legs.

So if you are after Heart of Inmost Light, you will want to wait for chest day before heading to the Lost Sector with your Titan.

Legendary Lost Sectors are considered end-game activities, as you will want to be at least 1800 Power Level before attempting them, though you will have a much easier time the higher Power Level you are.

This is by far the fastest and most reliable method for getting Heart of Inmost Light since you have a much smaller rewards pool to sift through with every completion.

You can find out where the daily Legendary Lost Sector is by looking for the Lost Sector Icon on your Directory.

You can also see what the daily Exotic reward is by hovering over the Lost Sector on your map.

If you don’t feel like logging in just to check the daily Lost Sector, you can use TodayInDestiny to see all of the daily rotations in Destiny 2.


Completing Nightfall Strikes will always have a chance of rewarding Exotic weapons and armor, with Grandmaster Nightfalls commonly rewarding Exotic gear.

Depending on the weekly Nightfall and the skill level of your Fireteam, you can easily farm Nightfalls for Exotic drops. Be sure to run them on your Titan for a chance at getting Heart of Inmost Light.

About once a month, you can expect to see a Double Rewards Week for Nightfalls, increasing your chances of gaining additional Exotics with every Nightfall completion.

This means that you can easily obtain up to three Exotic drops per Nightfall, with lucky Guardians getting up to five Exotic rewards.

You should definitely run as many Nightfalls as you can during this week, as you will have a good chance of getting high-stat Exotic gear as well.

While not the fastest method for getting Heart of Inmost Light, Grandmaster Nightfalls will reward you with many end-game currencies, such as Ascendant Shards and Enhancement Prisms, making every run worth your time while you wait for the right drop.


Every weekend, from Friday until Tuesday reset, Xur can be found somewhere in Destiny 2.

Xur sells random Exotic gear every week, offering one Exotic armor piece per Class and one Exotic weapon. If you are lucky, he may be selling Heart of Inmost Light.

If you are unlucky, then you can still purchase Exotic Engrams from him. The first one will cost you 97 Legendary Shards, with every subsequent Engram costing one Exotic Cipher.

It is a good idea to always pick up at least one Exotic Engram from Xur every time he visits. Even if you don’t get the gear you want, you have a chance at getting high-stat armor.

As Xur can appear in many different locations every week, it is best to just check Where is Xur to save yourself some time.

World Drops

If you are not ready for end-game activities like Grandmaster Nightfalls and Legendary Lost Sectors, there are still other, more passive methods for getting your Heart of Inmost Light.

As Heart of Inmost Light is an older Exotic, you will always have a chance to obtain it through world drops.

Any activity that awards Powerful or Pinnacle gear will also have a chance of dropping as an Exotic.

This means by simply doing your weekly Power Level grinds, you will have a chance at obtaining Heart of Inmost Light.

Exotic Engrams

There are plenty of ways to obtain Exotic Engrams. One of the easier methods is by leveling your Vendor Reputation to level 16 with any of the Vendors in the H.E.L.M. or in the most recent Expansion.

This will reward you an Exotic Engram and reset your Vendor Level, meaning you can repeat this process as many times as you like.

Just like Prime Engrams, Exotic Engrams have a chance to drop from random enemy kills. After a long play session, be sure to check your Postmaster to see if you missed any drops.

Playlist weekly challenges, such as Nightfalls, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches, will reward Exotic gear. This is a simple method that you will usually complete without even thinking about it.

These are all of the best methods for obtaining the Heart of Inmost Light Exotic chest piece in Destiny 2.

Are you still farming for your first Heart of Inmost Light? Are there any other great methods that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!

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