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Leveling your crafted weapons in Destiny 2 can be a chore. Bungie doesn’t seem to want to make it any easier on us, either.

Finding a fast, reliable method to level your weapons will give you more time to actually enjoy those weapons later on.

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We will be going over some of the best methods for leveling up your weapons in Destiny 2 that don’t take a ton of work or time.

To quickly level up your weapons in Destiny 2, use a boss checkpoint for Banners and constant enemy spawns. Shuro Chi and Ecthar are the most efficient. Terminal Overload grants 30% weapon experience upon completion for every weapon equipped. The Breakneck Lightfall campaign mission is one of the best methods available for fast weapon leveling.

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How to Level Up Weapons Fast in Destiny 2

There are many ways to level up your weapons in Destiny 2. Here are some of the very best ways to quickly level up weapons in the game.

Shuro Chi

Ever since the release of the Last Wish Raid, players have relied on the Shuro Chi encounter as their regular Catalyst farming spot, which has translated into crafted weapon experience farming today.

This Raid encounter spawns an absurd amount of minor enemies at the start of the encounter, making it farmable with primary weapons as well. This is not the reason for using this encounter, however.

Since this is a Raid encounter, you will have the option to put down a Rally Banner before it begins, giving you access to a full reserve of Special and Heavy ammo.

This means you can place your Banner, start the encounter, and kill as many ads as you wish. Once you are out of ammo, simply wipe and start again.

This simple, repeatable farming method should easily grant you close to 30% experience gain for your weapon every wipe.

Getting a Shuro Chi Checkpoint

Shuro Chi is the second encounter in the Last Wish Raid. Before you can farm it, you will need a checkpoint.

There are two easy ways to get a checkpoint without getting a full Fireteam to help you complete the first encounter.

The most common method is to use the Destiny 2 LFG Discord. Plenty of players will get to this checkpoint at the start of the weekly reset, so they can give it out to anyone looking to farm kills.

You will join this player with the checkpoint, start the encounter, wipe, and once you spawn back in, you will have the checkpoint saved to your character. You can then leave and farm solo for as long as you like.

The second method involves using the Wall of Wishes.

Head into the Last Wish Raid and reach the entrance of the first encounter but do not drop into the encounter. Instead, continue left until you see a pond of water.

From here, follow the patches of glowing green moss upwards to reach the Wall of Wishes.

Shooting the circles will cycle through symbols. You will need to input the following symbol pattern into the Wall.

This is The Fourth Wish. It will teleport you to the Shuro Chi encounter.

Double-check your symbols before stepping on the plate to input the Wish. Be sure to wipe at least once before leaving the encounter to save your checkpoint.

Terminal Overload

While you may be a little late for the glitched chest experience exploit, Terminal Overload is still a decent method of leveling up your crafted weapons.

There is a good number of ads to kill, but that is not why we are here.

After you have completed a Terminal Overload, there will be two chests that spawn.

One that requires a key and one that does not. The free chest will grant about a 30% experience gain on all equipped crafted weapons.

This is probably one of the fastest methods for leveling up multiple weapons at a time, as you don’t have to get kills with each of your weapons. It is not tot the best method for leveling a single weapon, however.

Ghost of the Deep

The first boss in the Ghost of the Deep dungeon, Ecthar, is another great encounter for farming weapon levels.

Just like Shuro Chi, you will have access to Raid Banners before the encounter begins.

What makes this method better than Shuro Chi is the fact that the enemies just keep flooding in, meaning you won’t have to wipe just to get more enemies to spawn. This can be a very efficient way to level up your weapons.

The downside is that this Dungeon will pit you against 1800+ Power Level enemies, so you will need to infuse your weapons and consider building your loadout for survivability.

You will also have to get a checkpoint for the first boss.

You can complete the first encounter alone to get to the boss, but finding someone with a checkpoint to give you would be much faster.

Breakneck Mission

This is the newest method for farming weapon experience fast and has quickly become a community favorite.

The Breakneck Mission is the fourth mission in the Lightfall campaign. Once you have completed the mission normally, it will unlock as a replayable mission on Neptune.

Not far into the mission, you will come across a room with a Rally Banner. Place the Banner and begin farming kills.

Be sure to leave the Wyvern major enemy alive, as enemies won’t spawn infinitely, and finishing them all will move your checkpoint forward.

You will need to wipe once you kill off the majority of the enemies, just like Shuro Chi.

You can expect to kill about 45 enemies per wipe, gaining around 30% weapon experience per wipe.

What makes this method special is the Banners. They are actually campaign-specific Banners that don’t consume your Raid banners from your inventory. This means you won’t need to go and buy more Banners just to continue farming.

The other reason this method has become the go-to for many is the checkpoint. Unlike Dungeons and Raids, Campaign checkpoints don’t reset every week. This will allow you to come back to this mission whenever you like and spawn in just before the Banner section.

Passive XP Gain

In between weapon level grinding sessions, you can actually level up your weapons while playing the parts of Destiny 2 that you enjoy most.

Most activities in the game will award your some crafted weapon experience for every weapon you have equipped upon completion. This includes Strikes, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, public events, Dungeons, and Raids.

You can always swap to your crafted weapons just before activity completion to grant them a small bonus of experience.

To speed things up, you can create a loadout with the three weapons you want to level up. This will allow you to use your best weapons for completing the activity.

Right before you finish the activity, click on your crafted weapons loadout to earn some free experience.

These are currently the four fastest methods for leveling up your weapons in Destiny 2.

Which method do you prefer using? Are there any good alternatives that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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