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Class abilities are the defining ability of each Class in Destiny 2.

You will want to understand your Class ability if you plan on taking full advantage of your Class in PvE and PvP. We will quickly go over the different Class abilities.

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Class abilities in Destiny 2 are special class-specific abilities that have a core role in how that particular class plays. Each class has two different class abilities, but you can only use one of them at a time.

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What Is Class Ability in Destiny 2?

One of the main reasons you choose a certain Class in Destiny 2 is because you like how that Class plays. Their core gameplay mechanics should be something that you enjoy.

Every Class is different, with a different set of Supers, Grenades, Melees, and Class abilities.

Whether you are just getting started in Destiny 2 or are making your second character and need a little help understanding the Class, a great place to start is with your Class ability.

Class abilities are one of the defining features of a Class, as they are the core of what makes your Class unique.

Each of the three Classes has two different Class abilities you can choose from.

You can only have one of the two equipped at a time. Each Class ability cooldown is tied to a different Stat. Increasing that stat will decrease the cooldown of your Class ability.

Many Exotic armor pieces, Armor Mods, Aspects, and Fragments augment the way your Class ability works, so it is important to first have a basic understanding of them.

Warlock’s Rift

The Warlock’s Class ability puts down a Rift, a circular well of power, that lasts for about 15 seconds. The Warlock’s Class ability cooldown is tied to the Recovery Stat.

The first kind of Rift is the Healing Rift. This Rift constantly heals you and allies that are standing within your Rift.

This is one of the more common Rifts you will see in PvE and PvP, as on-demand healing is a very, very good thing to have.

The second is the Empowering Rift. This Rift increases the weapon damage of you and your allies that are standing within the Rift by about 20%.

While not as versatile as the Healing Rift, the extra damage can be a lifesaver during long Boss phases when you don’t have a Well of Radiance ready. It can also decrease the time-to-kill of many weapons in PvP.

The Solar subclass of Warlock has an additional Class ability option, Phoenix Dive. This is an airborne-only ability, meaning you will have to be in the air before you can activate it.

Using Phoenix Dive will send you straight down to the ground, creating a burst of Solar Light that Cures you and nearby allies, regaining a small amount of health and beginning health regeneration.

If Heat Rises is activated before you cast Phoenix Dive, you will begin health regeneration immediately while diving and will Scorch enemies near your landing spot.

This ability is a great option for encounters that don’t allow time to sit in a Healing Rift, giving you an instant healing option that will definitely save your life more than a few times.

Titans’s Barricade

The Titan’s Class ability puts down a barrier with 600 health that will block incoming projectiles and damage any enemy that walks through it. The Titan’s Class ability cooldown is tied to the Resilience Stat.

The first type of Barricade is the Towering Barricade. This creates a tall barrier that you and your Fireteam can easily hide behind. Great for covering revives, isolating angles, and covering Heavy ammo in PvP.

The second is the Rally Barricade. This is a shorter barrier, about waist high, that you can crouch under and peak over to fire at enemies.

It provides increased weapon reload speeds, stability, and range for allies that are behind it. Best used during DPS phases to help teammates reload their weapons faster.

The Titan’s Arc subclass has an additional Class ability option, Thruster. While grounded, you can use this ability to quickly evade in a lateral direction. A great movement option in PvP.

Hunter’s Dodge

The Hunter’s Class ability quickly performs a dodge in the chosen direction, with different dodges offering different benefits. The Hunter’s Class ability cooldown is tied to the Mobility Stat.

The Marksman’s Dodge covers a short distance while automatically reloading your equipped weapon.

This is the go-to dodge for PvE, as it gives you a free, instant reload during damage phases. Anything that bypasses reload times will lead to higher damage-per-second.

The Gambler’s Dodge evades enemy attacks. Dodging near enemies fully recharges your Melee ability.

This dodge is a must-have for any Hunter melee build, allowing you to chain melee abilities and dodges throughout encounters for near-infinite ability spam.

It has a longer cooldown than Marksman’s Dodge.

The Hunter’s Solar subclass has an additional dodge option, Acrobat’s Dodge. This dodge is more of a leap.

The landing will make you and nearby allies Radiant, enhancing your Solar subclass perks.

Now you know what Class abilities are!

Has this guide helped you gain a better understanding of one of your less familiar Classes? Let me know in the comments!

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