Destiny 2 – Clan Guide: How to Make, Join, and Leave a Clan

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Clans in Destiny 2 give players an immediate community that they can interact with and rely on while enjoying the game. There are plenty of other benefits to joining or creating a Clan beyond the social aspect.

To find out how to create your own Clan, where to look for Clans that are recruiting, and how to leave your current Clan, read on!

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To create a Clan in Destiny 2, visit the Clans section on A minimum of two players is required. To join a Clan, find a Clan through Discord, Reddit, or Bungie Forums and request to join. To leave a Clan, head to the Clan section of your menu and click Option, then click Leave Clan.

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How to Make a Clan in Destiny 2

To make a Clan in Destiny 2, you will first need to visit the Clans page on the website.

You will also need to make sure you link your platform account to your profile, as this is required before you can interact with Clans in any way.

Once you link both of your accounts, you should see a big Create Clan button on the Clans page. Clicking this will begin the Clan creation process.

You will then need to give your new Clan a name, motto, and Mission statement.

These can be as serious or silly as you like, with many Clans opting for a list of Guidelines and rules in their statement while others will tell jokes.

You will then be able to personalize your Clan’s Banner, the flag by which your Clan is known.

You will also have access to your Clan’s settings and Clan Management from this page, should you need to promote, demote, or remove players within the Clan.

It is important to note that you will need a minimum of two members for your Clan to be considered official and show up within the game.

How to Join a Clan in Destiny 2

There are a few different methods you can use to join a Clan in Destiny 2.

Recruitment Forums

One of the most common methods players use to join a Clan is through the Clan Recruitment Forums. Clans will often make posts in these forums to let players know that they are actively recruiting.

You can browse through all of the recruitment posts until you find a Clan that suits your style.

There is a good mix of casual and competitive Clans out there. Be sure to check if they are active on the same platforms that you enjoy playing on.

There is also the choice of creating your own Looking for Clan post in the Clan Finder Forum.

This way, Clans looking for specific types of players can reach out to you if they see you as a good fit for their team.

Similar to the Clan Finder Forum, the Destiny Clan Finder Reddit can also be a great place to both look for a Clan to join as well as create a Looking for Clan post yourself.


Many of the larger Clans will create their own Discord servers to make communicating with their members much easier for everyone.

You can find a list of Clans advertising their Clans as well as their Discord channels in the clan-recruitment chat of the Destiny 2 LFG server.

Feel free to check out the Discord of a Clan you are interested in joining and take a tour around their community before deciding.

Many recruiters are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their Clan.

In-game Inspection

If you happen to find a player that you enjoy playing with in-game, you can Inspect their Clan through the Roster tab of your menu or by using your interact key while near that player.

Here, you can see all of the details of their Clan as well as request to join.

This is also a very simple way to join a friend’s Clan that doesn’t involve signing into

How to Leave a Clan in Destiny 2

Leaving a Clan in Destiny 2 is very simple. Head to the Clan section of your menu, click on Options, the little gear icon, and click on the Leave Clan button.

If you are the Clan Founder, you will not be able to leave the Clan until you promote a new Founder or are the only member left in the Clan.

Note that leaving your Clan means that you no longer have access to Clan perks, such as Weekly Clan Engrams.

It is a good idea to stay in a Clan for this reason alone, although it is a better idea to first find a Clan that you like.

You can request to join a new Clan without leaving your current Clan. If the new Clan accepts your request to join, you will be sent a pending invite.

This way, you won’t be automatically removed from your current Clan without warning.

Clan Benefits

While the main reason players join Clans is to have access to a group of active players so they can avoid having to LFG, there are many other great benefits that come with joining a Clan.

  • Clan XP: You will be able to contribute to the Clan’s Level by gaining Clan XP through various activities. There is a cap to how much XP you can gain per week.
  • Increased Rewards: A Clan that reaches the max Level in a Season will grant its members many perks, such as increased public event rewards, increased Trials token gain, and an additional bounty from Hawththorne every week, among other great perks.
  • Clan Engrams: Clan Engrams will be unlocked for all Clan members once a Clan completes the weekly Crucible, Nightfall, and Raid Clan Challenges. This is a great source of extra loot every week.
  • Guided Games: Clan members can create a Guided Game fireteam to help solo players through difficult end-game activities, such as Raids.

Clans are a great way to find community in Destiny 2. There is no greater feeling than finding a group of people that all share the same interests as you.

What has your experience with Destiny 2 Clans been like? Let me know in the comments!

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