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Deleting your characters on Destiny 2 is pretty simple, though there are some risks that you should know about before permanently getting rid of any of your characters.

We will go over these risks as well as the process of deleting your characters in this quick guide.

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To delete your character in Destiny 2, hover over your character in the Character Select screen and hold down the Delete Character key.

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How to Delete Characters in Destiny 2

Destiny 2, just like many other MMO games, allows its players to create multiple characters that each provide a new and interesting way to play the game. You can only create a maximum of three characters, however.

This is supposed to allow players to have one character for each of the three different Classes. These Classes are the Hunter, the Warlock, and the Titan.

In order to delete a character, you will first have to have more than one character created. Destiny 2 will not let you delete a character if it is the only character created on your account.

If you only have one character created at the moment and want to delete it, you will first have to create another character and complete the tutorial before backing out to the Character Select screen.

Now that you have another character, you should see the option to delete your first character when you hover your cursor over them.

Holding down the key to delete them will take some time in case you ever accidentally press it by mistake.

An important note to any player who is about to delete their character. Any gear that is currently in that character’s inventory will also be deleted.

To safely delete your character without losing your gear, put everything you care about inside your Vault. Your Vault stores gear account-wide, so you will be able to access any gear you put into it on your other characters as well.

If you need to, you can pull some Grey or Blue gear from your collections and equip it so that you can put the rest of your gear safely inside your Vault.

You will still maintain any unlocked gear that the character has found, such as Exotic armor and Pinnacle weapons.

Note that you will also lose any campaign progress, abilities, and Quest progress that the character had on them. This can be seen as a negative or a positive, depending on the player.

Deleting your character will free up a character slot and allow you to start over on a new character. Now comes the question: why would you ever want to delete your character?

There are two main reasons why you would want to delete your character, outside of just wanting to relive the new character experience. The first is appearance.

Character creation is the only chance you will have in Destiny 2 to change the Race, Gender, and appearance of your actual Guardian.

Players may find that, after some time with a certain appearance, that they would prefer their character to look different.

Sadly, the only solution to this is to start over with a fresh character. For players who have put hundreds of hours into a character, this probably isn’t an option for them, so be sure to find a look that you will enjoy from the get-go.

If you do have more hours into your character than you care to part with for appearances alone, you can always go into your Gameplay Settings and toggle the Helmet setting to Always On. This way, you won’t have to look at your character and be reminded of your mistakes.

The second reason is that Destiny 2 has some pretty good one-time rewards for characters that complete certain activities for the first time.

These rewards include Exotic armor and weapons, crafting materials, and red-boarder variants of hard-to-obtain weapons.

Players who only really play on a single character will often abuse these one-time rewards by repeatedly deleting one of their characters that they don’t use and completing any activities that reward them with the gear that they want.

While usually not efficient, during new Seasons or Expansions, players will often be able to unlock the crafting pattern for newly-released weapons faster than they normally would by using this method.

Players who regularly use all three of their characters can’t really take advantage of this method.

While this may seem like a negative for some, it outweighs the price of having to unlock everything on the newly-created character again every time there is a new Expansion.

That’s how you delete your character in Destiny 2. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons before making this decision.

Why do you want to delete your character? Let me know in the comments!

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