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Void weapons are among some of the best in Destiny 2, with plenty of archetypes containing great Void element variants.

If you need a Void weapon to flesh out your Loadout, this list is for you.

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The Best Void weapons in Destiny 2 are Retrofit Escapade, Funnelweb, and Doom of Chelchis.

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Best Void Weapons in Destiny 2

Whether you are looking to complete a quick Bounty or need some ideas for weapons that fit your Loadout, this list has some of the best Void element weapons that Destiny 2 has to offer.

We have many different weapon archetypes featured on the list, so you will surely find something that suits your needs.

Retrofit Escapade

The Machine Gun of choice for most Void subclass builds.

Retrofit Escapade has always been considered one of the strongest Legendary Machine Guns in the game, outputting a respectable amount of damage with its great Perk selections and Rapid-Fire Frame, increasing its ammo capacity.

It is the Heavy weapon of choice for most Void 3.0 builds and is especially loved by Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk Hunters.

Having a Void Heavy weapon makes maintaining your Void buffs and debuffs trivial, as you can constantly keep Volatile Rounds activated, Devour will refresh as you mow down hordes of enemies, and invisibility is always a trigger pull away for Hunters.

Void Heavy weapons are just reliable, and Retrofit Escapade is one of the best.

For your Perks, you will want to get Fourth Time’s the Charm in your first column to constantly refresh ammo from reserves when dealing damage to high-health enemies such as Champions and Bosses.

For your second Perk, you have a lot of options when it comes to damage-enhancing.

Target Lock is the preferred Perk for many, as the large ammo reserves allow you to take advantage of the stacking damage buff that it applies.

If you need something that provides a faster or immediate damage buff, consider Rampage, Frenzy, Golden Tricorn, or even Vorpal Weapon.

Regardless of what damage Perk you choose, you can be sure that this weapon will output plenty of it.

The versatility it brings to Void 3.0 builds, on top of the insane Perk options, makes Retrofit Escapade a solid choice for just about any PvE activity.

Though it was originally only available as a Season 19 Pass reward, you can still find Retrofit Escapade being sold by Xur and Banshee-44 sometimes.

It also drops from the Operation: Seraph Shield Exotic Mission, so be on the lookout for that in the Legends rotation.

Doom of Chelchis

Everybody’s favorite Void Scout Rifle.

Doom of Chelchis is an iconic Void Primary weapon. It is loved by the community for its amazing base stats and Perk options, as well as hated for its difficult drop rate.

What you want out of a Void Primary is a weapon that can safely and consistently keep your Void buffs and debuffs applied while still outputting decent damage.

Doom of Chelchis goes a step further, providing everything you need on top of a nice range bonus.

For your Perk options, you have a large variety of paths to choose from with this weapon. A community favorite seems to be Firefly and Dragonfly for some insane ad-clearing potential with the doubled-up precision explosions.

For competitive PvE content, you will want Explosive Payload for free damage and zero damage drop-off. Pair this with Frenzy for another damage buff that will help you chip away at Majors and Champions from afar.

If you need a decent 180 RPM Void Scout Rifle for PvP, Doom of Chelchis rolls with two great Perks in Explosive Payload and Eye of the Storm. This is a potent combo that will cause massive flinch from any range.

The only real downside to Doom of Chelchis is that it is a Raid weapon. You can get it from the King’s Fall Raid.

It is craftable, though you will need to run quite a few Raids to get enough red border variants to unlock its crafting pattern.


For the Void 3.0 builds that want to get in there and really be a part of the fight.

Funnelweb is one of the best weapons to pair with your Void subclass.

It takes full advantage of any Void buffs and debuffs while dealing a good amount of damage and providing you with a passive movement speed buff thanks to its Lightweight Frame.

While it may not have the range of Doom of Chelchis or the raw power of Retrofit Escapade, Funnelweb has a Perk combination that skyrockets its performance among Void Primaries. That combo is Subsistence and Frenzy.

Subsistence gives you a near-infinite magazine size by constantly reloading your weapon with every kill. This allows you to maintain Frenzy and to maintain a free damage buff so long as you stay in combat.

This is definitely the god roll that every player should try to unlock, though you will notice that there really isn’t a bad Perk combination with Funnelweb.

It has an amazing Perk pool that you will create a useful weapon no matter the roll.

For PvP, you have Handling options with Perpetual Motion and Killing Wind to pair with Rangefinder or Elemental Capacitor for a nice boost to stats. This makes for a pretty decent Submachine Gun.

You can get Funnelweb to drop from just about any Rank-Up Reward or Legendary Engram, so the Gunsmith is a good source for one. Check back with Banshee-44 regularly to see if he is selling one as well.

Graviton Lance

Graviton Lance may be the most used Void Pulse Rifle in the game right now.

This Exotic weapon has been around for ages and has seen play in many different metas. It is currently still sitting at the top of Pulse Rifle usage and is one of the go-to Void Primaries for both PvE and PvP game modes.

It comes with the Intrinsic Perk Black Hole, firing a second shot in the burst that deals increased damage with zero damage drop-off.

This Perk alone makes Graviton Lance a beast in PvP, as it can challenge even Scout Rifles from range and still win the fight.

Its secondary Perk, Cosmology, creates an explosion on enemy kills and a Void projectile that will track any nearby enemies and detonate near them for additional damage.

This Perk, again, is insane in PvP as your opponents will have to be weary about grouping up or risk facing a team wipe after you land a single kill on one of them.

In PvE, these Perks make ad clearing a breeze, and the additional damage from Black Hole, along with no damage drop-off, makes this a great choice for just about any type of engagement.

This is all before you even add on with your Void subclass enhancements.

If you plan on using Graviton Lance as your PvE Primary, be sure to unlock the Catalyst as well. It will unlock two additional Perks for the weapon, Vorpal Weapon and Turnabout.

Graviton Lance can be obtained from any Exotic Engram. Be sure to visit Xur every week and purchase his Exotic Engram or see if he is selling Graviton Lance that day.

Le Monarque

One of the only good Bows for both PvE and PvP.

Le Monarque is one of the few Bows that is able to overcome the inherent weaknesses that plague the weapon archetype. This is thanks to its unique Perks.

The Exotic Bow comes with the Intrinsic Perk Poison Arrow, causing arrows that are fired briefly after reaching full draw to become poisonous.

These arrows will explode on precision hits and create a toxic cloud that deals damage over time to all enemies in the area.

While most Bows will have trouble dealing with multiple enemies at once, Le Monaqure is able to take out many Minor enemies with a single precision shot while maintaining respectable damage to Majors and Champions as you would expect from a Bow. Speaking of Champions, Le Monarque is able to Disrupt Overload Champions and stun them.

It also comes with the Snapshot Perk for a more responsive aim-down sight speed. This leads to the Bow feeling very snappy and great in just about any situation.

This is one of the few Bows that can be considered viable in end-game PvE content for decent damage, ad clear, and Champion stuns. Inside of PvP, Le Monarque is considered the best Bow there is.

A single arrow from this Bow will leave your enemy critically wounded, while the poison will keep their health from regenerating while you make the push to finish them.

Teamshooting with Le Monarque is where it shines, as a precision hit will spread poison to the entire enemy team if they are too close to each other.

As far as Bows go, you can’t go wrong with Le Monarque. You can purchase this Exotic from the Exotic Kioske in the Tower for 1 Exotic Cipher, 100,000 Glimmer, and an Ascendant Shard.

The Other Half

A decent Sword that has a trick up its sleeve.

The Other Half is the most used Sword in Destiny 2 for one simple reason: movement. The Other Half, along with Half-Truth, are the only two Swords to roll with the Eager Edge Perk.

This Perk gives you additional lunge range for a brief time after swapping to your Sword.

While this was meant to simulate the lunge range that the Energy Sword from the Halo series is known for, players have begun using it to quickly navigate through encounters at incredible speeds.

Classes that can maintain the momentum of the Eager Edge lunge can practically skip the majority of platforming puzzles with a simple swing of their Sword.

Solar Warlocks with Well of Radiance and Stasis Hunters with Shatter Dive are the best candidates.

To learn more about this movement tech, check out our guide on How to Well Skate. If you instead are looking for a DPS Sword, you can go with Relentless Strikes and Vorpal Weapon for some decent damage.

The weapon is craftable, so you can get yourself a roll with Eager Edge and a DPS option in case you need it. The Other Half, as well as the Half Truth, can be obtained from Dares of Eternity.

Two-Tailed Fox

An often overlooked DPS option with some additional Perks.

Two-Tailed Fox is a great Exotic Rocket Launcher. Its Intrinsic Perk Twintails causes the weapon to fire two rockets, one Void and one Solar.

The Play with Your Prey will make the Void rocket suppress enemies while the Solar rocket deals increased damage over time while it burns the enemy.

Right now, you’ll find that the best Rocket Launchers are the ones that can fire the most amount of rockets in the shortest amount of time.

Two-Tail Fox firing two rockets per shot has kept it in contention for one of the best DPS Rocket Launchers for a while now.

With the addition of its Catalyst, Two-Tailed Fox now fires a third rocket shot that Jolts targets for additional damage.

This Jolt is nice and adds a fair bit of damage to the weapon, though the addition of a third rocket shot is huge for this weapon’s overall DPS.

It can’t be overlooked how convenient the impression rocket can be as well when dealing with Lightbearer enemies in PvE. It will also stop your enemies from throwing grenades if that is a concern.

You will have to open Exotic Engrams in hopes of unlocking this weapon. Check back with Xur every week to see if he is selling one.

These are some of the best Void element weapons in Destiny 2. There are plenty of others, though these should cover most of your needs.

What are some of your favorite Void element weapons? Are there any that you think deserve a spot on the list? Let me know in the comments!

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