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Whether you are trying to speed through end-game content or just want something fun to do in Destiny 2, you should definitely learn how to Well Skate.

We will be going over the steps needed to Well Skate, as well as some tips and tricks to make it a little more consistent for you.

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To Well Skate in Destiny 2, stand near a ledge, pull out an Eager Edge Sword, Heavy attack, jump, and use your Well of Radiance Super ability.

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How to Well Skate in Destiny 2

One of the things Destiny 2 has always had over other FPS games is good feeling and responsive movement. While each Class has its own unique movement options, Warlock has always been on top when it comes to going fast.

While chaining Icarus dashes may no longer be possible, players have found an even better way to go incredibly fast with Warlock in the form of Well Skating.

Well Skating is the term used for casting your Well of Radiance Super after a Sword swing to carry the momentum of the swing.

You will want to also cancel the animation of your Super ability, preventing you from finishing the cast. This should leave you with both your Super ability and Sword ammo unchanged while flying at insane speeds.

Before we go over how to perform a Well Skate, we will need to make sure you have everything needed.

Eager Edge Sword

This trick wouldn’t be possible without a Sword. Specifically, a Sword that has the Eager Edge Perk. This Perk grants you increased Sword lunge distance for a short duration after swapping to your Sword.

While already a great Perk for getting around fast, we will be taking it a step further by maintaining the momentum granted by Eager Edge.

Currently, there are only two Swords in Destiny 2 that drop with the Eager Edge Perk. Those Swords are The Other Half and Half-Truths. Both can be obtained from Dares of Eternity.

While technically you can perform this trick without the Eager Edge Perk active, you won’t gain any momentum. You will simply do a little hop and cancel your Super ability. Still, a funny trick to have.

Well of Radiance

It wouldn’t be Well Skating without a Well. You will have to equip your Solar subclass on Warlock and make sure you have the Well of Radiance Super ability equipped and fully charged.

As many Warlocks in PVE are already forced to run Well, this makes it the perfect trick to have in your back pocket for a little fun when in between encounters.

Use any Aspects you want at the moment, though we will return to them later.


If you have difficulty getting the Well Skate, chances are your key binds are just too awkward to efficiently input. This is especially true for controller players.

You will need to make sure your jump, Heavy attack, and Super ability are all easily accessible in order.

For PC players, you shouldn’t have issues with the default keybinds, though it can help to swap stuff around if you still can’t get it down.

Performing the Normal Well Skate

Alright. Here are the steps you need to take in order to Well Skate:

  • Make sure you have your Well of Radiance Super fully charged and some Heavy ammo in your Sword.
  • Stand near a ledge. Yes, this is mandatory for the Well Skate to work, as the ledge is what allows us to cancel the casting of our Well.
  • Pull out your Eager Edge Sword. You will have about 4 seconds of Eager Edge active, so you can take your time before the next step.
  • Heavy Attack with your Sword off of the ledge.
  • Jump.
  • Cast Well of Radiance.

You will need to input the jump and the Well cast fairly close together. Just make sure you are not spamming either input, as this can cause you to cancel the skate and cast your Well anyway.

It is a good idea to practice these inputs in a Private Match of Mayhem. Head to a large map like Eternity, pick up some Sword ammo, and just practice the inputs.

Eventually, you should be able to get from here:

To here:

Faster than the amount of time it took you to read this sentence.

How to Go Even Further

While Well Skating can cover a massive distance, you may be surprised to find that there are some gaps that even a Well Skate can’t cross alone.

To go even further, we will need to maintain our momentum after the initial skate. To do this, you will want the Icarus Dash Aspect equipped.

Casting your Icarus Dash after your Well Skate will carry some of the momentum and allow you to travel even further.

If dashing isn’t enough, you can also equip the Heat Rises Aspect. This Aspect lets you consume your grenade to enhance your jump ability and grant you an additional Icarus Dash.

This will let you stay in the air much longer, which results in momentum carried over a further distance.

Finally, you can use the Burst Glide jump option to give yourself a little extra initial speed.

Light Well Skating

The normal method of Well Skating is by far the simplest, involving the least amount of inputs with the most lenient timing. The only downside to this method is that it involves standing near a ledge.

Players have found a variation that doesn’t require a ledge, though the timing on your inputs needs to be near perfect.

To Light Well Skate you need to:

  • Pull out your Sword to activate Eager Edge.
  • Jump.
  • Light Attack.
  • Jump again.
  • Cast Well of Radiance.

This will give you a good amount of speed and cancel the activation of your Super, though it will not send you nearly as far as the normal method.

All of these inputs, except for the initial swapping to your Sword, need to be performed so close together that it might seem near impossible at first. Many players have created dedicated macros just to get this trick to work.

Once you do have it down, you will be able to Light Well Skate wherever you want without the need for a ledge.

This method is even harder on a controller and might require you to bind a second jump button just to get the timing right.

That’s how you Well Skate in Destiny 2! This is a trick that every Warlock main should have ready, if only for fun.

How is your Well Skating going? Is there anything that you still find confusing about Well Skating? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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