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Titles are one of the many ways Destiny 2 allows its players to show off their achievements inside of the game to their friends and Fireteam. When you see someone with certain Titles equipped, you know they mean business.

If you aren’t quite sure how to equip your Titles, this guide is for you!

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To equip a Title in Destiny 2, go to the Journey menu and select the Titles option. Select a Seal that that you have completed. Select the Title under the Seal and select Equip Title.

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How to Equip Titles in Destiny 2

If you are new to Destiny 2 and still don’t know what a Title is, head to the Tower and look around at the players in the area. Most, if not all of them, will have their Title displayed in purple text underneath their name.

To equip a Title, you will first need to unlock one. To unlock a Title, visit the Titles menu inside of the Journey tab and select View Contents of the Title that you want to unlock.

Here, you will see a collection of Triumphs that are dedicated to this particular Title. You will need to complete every Triumph that is shown in order to unlock that Title.

Most Titles will have you complete about 10 Triumphs before you can unlock the Title, while others will have you completing upwards of 20 Triumphs before unlocking the Title.

These Titles are often more revered among the community than others, as they show a true dedication to your craft.

Most of the Triumphs involved in unlocking a Title are simply completed by participating in that activity regularly. There are usually only a few truly difficult Triumphs per Title that gatekeep your average Guardian from unlocking them.

A common example of this is the requirement for Raid Titles. Most Raid Titles will have a Triumph that is only unlocked after you have completed the entire Raid without a single member of your Fireteam dying even once, known as a Flawless Raid.

Once you find a Title that you want and complete all of the Triumphs required for unlocking it, head to the Title under your Journey tab and select the Title.

If your Title Progress is 100% complete, you can claim the Title to unlock it.

To equip a Title, head to the Titles section of the Journey Tab in your menu and hover over the Title you want to equip. You should see a prompt to Equip the Title.

Now, your Title will be displayed underneath your name for all to see. You can also see your currently equipped Title when viewing your character in your Character menu.

Each of your characters can have their own Title equipped, allowing you to truly customize your character’s style and appearance. This is a great quality-of-life addition to the game.

What Are Titles?

Titles are a way for players to let others know that they have become an expert in a certain Expansion, Season, Raid, or game mode by taking a single glance at them.

It showcases their knowledge and experience for having unlocked the Title.

There are Titles for just about every activity inside of Destiny 2, including Crucible, Gambit, Strikes, and even campaigns. Chances are that there is a Title dedicated to your favorite thing inside of Destiny 2.

Some Titles have Seasonal Challenges that you can complete in order to turn them Gilded. A Gilded Title is displayed with an orange text under your name rather than a purple one.

Once a new Season begins, Gilded Titles will add new, Season-appropriate Triumphs to the mix that players will have to once again complete if they want to keep their Title Gilded.

Gilded Titles showcase true mastery of any given topic inside of Destiny 2.

To tell whether or not a Title can be Gilded, look out for an orange nameplate when hovering over the Title. Normal Titles will have a black nameplate, while Gilded Titles will have an orange one.

Most Gilded Titles will be Titles that revolve around game modes that receive regular changes or Seasonal Events, rather than Titles that are tied to Raids or campaigns that never truly see much change.

Be sure to check your previously Gilded Titles at the start of every new Season to see what Triumphs you need to complete to reacquire your Gilded status.

Now you can equip your favorite Titles and show off your achievements to everyone you meet!

How many Titles do you have unlocked in Destiny 2? Are there any that you are currently working towards unlocking? Let me know in the comments!

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