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If you are a new player looking to visit Europa in Destiny 2 for the first time or a long-time player returning to the game, this guide is for you.

We will quickly go over how to unlock Europa, as well as some tips for players who are having issues doing so.

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To get to Europa in Destiny 2, complete the introductory mission for the Beyond Light campaign, Darkness’s Doorstep, which is free for all players.

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How to Get to Europa in Destiny 2

Like every new DLC in Destiny 2, the Beyond Light Expansion brought with it a new Destination for players to explore, Europa.

Europa is a very large moon that orbits Jupiter, with both Vex and Fallen littering its surface.

Europa is where the entirety of the Beyond Light campaign takes place and is also where you will first come into contact with the Darkness powers of Stasis. You can learn more by viewing our guide on How to Unlock Stasis.

To unlock full access to Europa, you will need to start the Beyond Light campaign. Luckily, you do not need to own the Beyond Light Expansion to begin the Beyond Light campaign.

Bungie has allowed all players access to the first mission of every new Expansion, allowing players to get a taste of what the campaign and new Destination have to offer. This is true for the Beyond Light campaign as well.

When selecting Europa on your Destinations tab, you may notice that there is no Landing Zone available to you.

On the right-hand side of the Europa Map, you should see a mission named Darkness’s Doorstep. This is the introductory mission for the Beyond Light campaign.

After completing the Darkness’s Doorstep mission, you should be placed on Europa to freely explore.

You should also notice that there is now a Landing Zone available to you from Orbit, so you can always come back and freely explore Europa.

Even without owning the Beyond Light expansion, there is plenty to do on Europa once you get there, including new Legend Lost Sectors, Public Events, Patrols, and hunt down high-value targets.

Completing the entire Beyond Light campaign will unlock additional activities, such as Empire Hunts, as well as the ability to use and upgrade Stasis abilities.

Can’t Access Darkness’s Doorstep Mission

Many players, new and returning, have come across the same issue of the introductory mission for Beyond Light not being displayed on their Map.

There are a few reasons for this problem, though all of them can be fixed with a simple solution.

If you can’t find the Darkness’s Doorstep mission, head to the Tower and visit the Quest Archive terminal next to the Postmaster.

Here, you will find all Missions and Exotic Quests from past Seasons that you can reclaim and begin again.

Select The Past near the bottom to display all past missions from Expansions and DLC. Here, you should see the Beyond Light quest. Go ahead and claim it.

Claiming this mission will finally reveal the Darkness’s Doorstep mission on Europa, allowing you to launch the mission and begin the Beyond Light campaign.

Remember that if you want to continue with the Beyond Light campaign after the first mission, you will need to purchase the Beyond Light Expansion.

Now you are ready to go visit Europa for the first time!

Are you looking forward to exploring Europa? Let me know in the comments how you plan on enjoying your time there!

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