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The first new subclass introduced to Destiny 2 was Stasis. While not the monster it was on release, it is still a subclass that is fun to use and worth unlocking.

We will walk you through the steps needed to unlock Stasis as well as your new Aspects and Fragments.

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To unlock Stasis in Destiny 2, complete the Beyond Light Campaign, then speak with the Exo Stranger on Europa, complete the Exo Stranger’s questline to unlock the Stasis subclass, and you can then purchase Stasis Aspects and Fragments from the Exo Stranger for Glimmer.

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How to Unlock Stasis in Destiny 2

Stasis is the first Darkness subclass introduced to Destiny 2. It gives you control over ice and crystal abilities that slow and freeze enemies.

These abilities are great for crowd control and very annoying to face in PvP. The crystals can be used as makeshift cover, shot for extra damage, or shattered for a massive area of effect damage.

The path to unlocking these abilities is a lot lengthier than the other subclasses, requiring you to beat an entire campaign and follow-up questline.

Now that we know what Stasis is let’s go over how to unlock it.

Beyond Light Campaign

Stasis is introduced with the Beyond Light expansion and is unlocked after completing the Beyond Light campaign.

If you haven’t started the campaign yet, be sure to check out our guide on How to Start the Beyond Light Campaign.

You will get a quick taste of Stasis near the beginning of the campaign, though you will need to complete the campaign before you can fully unlock Stasis as a subclass.

The Drifter’s Exotic Quest

As soon as you are done with the campaign, The Drifter will have a quest ready for you named The Stasis Prototype. This is the Exotic quest for the Salvation’s Grip Grenade Launcher.

This Grenade Launcher can destroy Stasis crystals found throughout Europa and is required in order to complete the next step of our quest.

Exo Stranger Questline

After beating the campaign, you will be given a string of quests from the Exo Stranger on Europa. This questline will have many, many steps to it, though most of them are very simple.

Continue through this questline until you reach step 32. This step will finally reward you with your Stasis subclass.

Unlocking Stasis Fragments and Aspects

Aspects and Fragments each provide you with a sort of build crafting experience.

Aspects completely change the way your abilities interact with each other, with some even unlocking an ability of their own. The Aspects you have equipped will also determine how many Fragment Slots you have available.

Fragments provide a good amount of personalization towards different builds, with many giving stat boosts, damage resistances, or additional ways to take advantage of Stasis Crystals.

Used to, players would dread unlocking Fragments and Aspects as they were locked behind a weekly mission that would only allow them to get one new Fragment per week.

Luckily, Bungie has recently made it much easier on us by replacing that weekly currency with Glimmer.

You can now purchase all of your Stasis Aspect and Fragments from the Exo Stranger on Europa using Glimmer after completing the Beyond Light campaign.

It will cost you 5,000 Glimmer per Aspect and 25,000 per Fragment. Not cheap, but a much better alternative to the weekly grind it used to be.

Now you are ready to unlock the Stasis subclasses for yourself!

Do you have the Beyond Light Expansion yet? Are you thinking about getting it now? Let me know in the comments!

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