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Ready to take on another campaign in Destiny 2? The Beyond Light campaign is a great choice!

We will go over everything you need to start the Beyond Light campaign today. Let’s get to it!

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To begin the Beyond Light campaign in Destiny 2, purchase the Beyond Light Expansion, head to Europa to begin the first mission, and speak with Variks to continue the campaign.

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How to Start Beyond Light Campaign in Destiny 2

Like every campaign, you will first have to purchase an Expansion to unlock its campaign.

We have a guide covering all of the Destiny 2 DLCs and Expansions. Feel free to check it out to learn more about what each Expansion has to offer and which ones are worth your money.

The First Mission

Every campaign in Destiny 2 is free to try, with the first mission available to players even if they haven’t purchased any Expansions or DLC.

Hover over Europa in the Destinations tab. Here, you should see a mission marker for “A Guardian Rises“. Selecting it will begin the Beyond Light campaign.

The first mission to the Beyond Light campaign will have you save Variks from the Expansion’s newest enemy while introducing you to the planet Europa, where the Beyond Light campaign takes place.

As this is an older campaign, you won’t have to worry about your Power level being too low to start.

After completing the first mission, if you think this campaign is something you will enjoy, you will need to purchase the Beyond Light Expansion to gain access to the rest of the campaign.

Be sure to log out while you purchase the Expansion to make sure it properly shows up once you log back in.

You should now be able to travel to Europa and speak with Variks to continue the Beyond Light campaign.

Is the Beyond Light Campaign Worth it?

Yes. This is one of the better campaigns that Destiny 2 has to offer, with a good amount of length to it and some challenging encounters.

It even has a mini-campaign after the main campaign in the form of the Empire Hunts questline.

Beyond the campaign, the Beyond Light Expansion has a lot going for it.

  • You will be introduced to the first Darkness subclass, Stasis, which you unlock by completing the campaign. This subclass is still top tier in both PvE and PvP activities.
  • The Deep Stone Crypt Raid is a great Raid that contains some of the best craftable weapons, such as Succession and Heritage.
  • The Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle is obtained through Empire Hunts, which are unlocked after completing the Beyond Light campaign. This is still one of the best Exotic Sniper Rifles in the game, both for PvP and end-game PvE content.
  • The Lament Exotic Sword is part of the Beyond Light Expansion and is still the top Sword in the game in terms of damage per second.

All in all, this campaign was a hit with the community and is still a favorite for many.

Now you are ready to begin the Beyond Light campaign!

What got you interested in the Beyond Light campaign? Let me know in the comments!

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