Destiny 2 – Can You Play Without PlayStation Plus?

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If you are interested in trying out Destiny 2 but don’t have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will help you understand what parts of the game are available to you as a free-to-play PlayStation player.

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You can play any activity in Destiny 2 that does not require matchmaking when playing without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

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Can You Play Destiny 2 Without PlayStation Plus?

Destiny 2 has always been a game meant to be played with friends and other members of the community, with designs similar to typical MMO games. This hasn’t stopped players from trying to beat much of the game’s content alone.

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play game. While an internet connection is required to even launch Destiny 2, many console players, specifically PlayStation owners, have wondered how much of the game, if any, is available to them without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

The answer is yes, you can play Destiny 2 without a PlayStation Plus subscription though you will face plenty of restrictions. Sadly, the answer isn’t as simple as it should be.

PlayStation players who load into the game without a PlayStation Plus subscription can participate in any content that doesn’t specifically require multiple players to complete.

As Destiny 2 is designed around cooperative play, I’m sure you can see the issue here.

Any playlist activity, such as Strikes, Gambit matches, and Crucible matches, is off-limits.

Seasonal Activities and special events, such as The Dawning, will only allow limited interaction with their vendors while you are locked out of participating in their matchmade game modes.

Probably the biggest upset for many players is the fact that they can not load into any Raid or Dungeons without a PlayStation Plus subscription, as these activities are meant to be completed with a Fireteam.

This leaves us with the question: what can you do in Destiny 2 without a Playstation Plus subscription?

Players will be able to play through any of the campaign missions of Expansions that they have purchased. This includes the Beyond Light campaign, the Shadowkeep campaign, the Witch Queen campaign, and the Lightfall campaign.

Players will also be able to load into any of the planets and explore them without a PlayStation Plus subscription. This means they can complete patrols, Public Events, and Lost Sectors for free.

Players will be able to load into the Tower and the H.E.L.M. and interact with any of the vendors there.

While all of this means you can technically play Destiny 2 without a PlayStation Plus subscription, you will be missing out on all of the activities that make the game great.

Any Exotic missions that require playlist activities for completion are virtually off-limits as you can not load into the necessary modes to complete your next step.

Power Leveling becomes very, very limited as most of the Pinnacle gear drops come from multiplayer activities such as Raids and playlist activities.

So, if you are just looking to play through one of your favorite story campaigns or need to clean out your Vault, you will be able to play Destiny 2 just fine without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

If you need help deciding on what campaign to play, check out our guide on What Expansions/DLC to Buy in Destiny 2 for more info on each of the campaigns and some recommendations.

If you are looking to actually have fun with your friends or make meaningful progress in the game, you are out of luck. Much of the game will be locked away until you upgrade to a PlayStation Plus subscription.

In contrast, PC players who download the game for free are able to access all of the multiplayer features without any restrictions aside from pay-walled content. This has left much of the PlayStation community to feel like they got the short end of the stick.

Some players have reported being able to access multiplayer features without a PlayStation Plus subscription during one of the many Playstation Plus Free Online Multiplayer Weekends.

These events allow players to try out many of the features that come with a PlayStation Plus subscription over the course of a single weekend.

These events are a great time to try out some of the multiplayer features inside of Destiny 2 if you are considering picking the game up.

For players who already play the game often, it gives them a chance to quickly enjoy the content that is usually restricted to them before it is gone again.

Now you know what parts of Destiny 2 are available to you when playing without a PlayStation Plus subscription. I hope this guide helps you out!

Have you played Destiny 2 much without a PlayStation Plus subscription? What has your experience been like with the game? Let me know in the comments!

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