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Herealways Pieces are an important part of any Destiny 2 player’s trip to Europa.

Finding Herealways Pieces can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to look. This guide will go over some of the best ways to get Herealways Pieces.

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To get Herealways Pieces in Destiny 2, complete Patrols, Public Events, and Lost Sectors on Europa. Herealways Pieces can be found on the ground while exploring Europa.

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How to Get Herealways Pieces in Destiny 2

Herealways Pieces were introduced with the addition of the Beyond Light Expansion and are the currency of Europa.

They are required for much of the later mission on the Beyond Light Campaign and are a necessity if you plan on beginning Empire Hunts or upgrading your Sabotages with Variks.

After completing the first mission of the Beyond Light campaign, you will see Variks appear on the Europa map.

He will have many Sabotage upgrades that grant you enhanced Glimmer gains, loot drops, and Herealways Pieces rewards for a price.

Each of these Sabotage upgrades costs Herealways Pieces to purchase. Obtaining as many Herealways Pieces as you can is mandatory if you plan on unlocking all of Variks’s Sabotages.

Much like any other Planetary material, Herealways Pieces can be obtained by completing various activities throughout Europa, including Lost Sectors, Patrols, Public Events, exploration, and enemy final blows.

Final blows are far from efficient, though it is good to know that taking down any enemy you see along the way can contribute to your goal.

Exploring Europa, you will find Herealways Pieces littered on the ground. Interacting with them will grant you a few Herealways Pieces.

It is a good idea to pick these up as you come across them, though they won’t be your main source either.

Public Events and Patrols can both be done at the same time during your exploration of Europa. Pick up any Patrols on your way to the next Public Event, and you should be able to complete them before the Event starts.

Continue chaining these two activities together, and you should see a good amount of Herealways Pieces coming your way. This is a great method for players who enjoy roaming around the planet and seeing the sights.

The last method for obtaining Herealways Pieces is considered the most efficient by many Destiny 2 players, and that is Lost Sectors.

Completing a Lost Sector and opening the final chest will normally grant you 10 Herealways Pieces for the first few completions, with later completions granting only three until the next daily reset.

Players have found that the Perdition Lost Sector on Europa is one of the fastest Lost Sectors you can farm, with many easy-to-kill enemies and a compact layout that makes it a very quick run-through.

The Perdition Lost Sector is located near the top of Cadmus Ridge, where you will find many Vex enemies waiting.

After only a few runs through this Lost Sector, you should gather plenty of Herealways Pieces.

Once you notice that you are getting less per run than usual, then you will want to wait for the daily reset before farming more Lost Sectors to maximize your gains.

It is also worth noting that throughout the duration of the Beyond Light campaign, players will accumulate a lot of Herealways Pieces passively.

By the end of the campaign, you should have a good stockpile of Herealways Pieces to use however you please.

If you haven’t completed the Beyond Light campaign yet, we have a guide on how you can get started on it today. Check out How to Start Beyond Light Campaign for some useful tips.

Using these methods, you should be able to build up a good amount of Herealways Pieces and purchase everything you need from Variks.

How to Spend Herealways Pieces

Herealways Pieces are primarily spent to purchase upgrades and missions from Variks on Europa. One of the most common ways to spend Herealways Pieces is to purchase Sabotage upgrades.

These Sabotages each provide you with a passive boon that enhances your gameplay while on Europa, often granting increased loot drops or additional chests for activity completions.

Each Sabotage costs between 15 and 30 Herealways Pieces, with subsequent Sabotages requiring players to complete the first row before purchasing the next.

Empire Hunts can be purchased for 20 Herealways Pieces each, giving you access to a mission that will reward you with some unique Europa weapons. See our guide on How to Unlock Empire Hunts for more info.

Lastly, Variks has a selection of Weapon Quests that you can choose from, each rewarding you with the weapon of choice from Europa’s weapon loot pool.

You can choose between the Arctic Haze Auto Rifle, the Hailing Confusion Pulse Rifle, the High Albedo Sidearm, the Bonechiller Shotgun, and the Subzero Salvo Rocket Launcher.

Each Weapon Quest costs 30 Herealways Pieces and will have you slay enemies on Europa using the chosen weapon type. These are great for targeted loot drops for specific weapons that you may want.

Now you are ready to go and farm enough Herealways Pieces to last a lifetime!

What do you need Herealways Pieces for? Is there a specific Empire Hunt or Europa weapon you are after? Let me know in the comments!

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