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If you want to compete in end-game activities in Destiny 2, chances are you will want to have someone with Divinity on your team.

If you haven’t unlocked Divinity yet, then this guide is the perfect place to start!

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To unlock Divinity in Destiny 2, obtain the Quest from the Lunar Battlegrounds Vex Gate, analyze Vex Cores in lost sectors, defeat Vex enemies, purchase an Empowered Decryption Core from the Lectern, and complete seven puzzles in the Garden of Salvation Raid before killing the final Boss.

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What Is Divinity in Destiny 2?

Since its release, Divinity has been a mainstay PvE Exotic, allowing Fireteams to melt large bosses with its unique debuff.

Whether you are doing a Raid, Nightfall, or playing Gambit, you will almost always see at least one player on the Fireteam running Divinity.

Divinity is an Exotic Trace Rifle that debuffs and stuns targets after prolonged damage.

This debuff weakens the enemy, resulting in a 15% damage increase for the whole Fireteam. That is a lot of damage. The stun makes this a very powerful weapon against Overload Champions.

How to Get Divinity in Destiny 2

To start the Divinity questline, you will first need to load into Sorrow’s Harbor on the Moon and head southeast until you are in the Lunar Battlegrounds.

There, on your left, you will find a cave that leads to the entrance of the Garden of Salvation Raid.

After entering the cave, many Vex enemies will begin to spawn. Kill them all until a Minotaur boss spawns. Killing it will drop the Divine Fragmentation quest for Divinity.

Analyze Vex Cores

The next step will have you analyze Vex cores in three different Nessus lost sectors.

The first lost sector, The Orrery, can be found in Artifact’s Edge. Hug the left wall of the lost sector.

Just before you reach the end of the lost sector and fight the boss, you should see an opening on the upper half of the left wall. In there, you will find a Vex Core.

Interacting with it will spawn some enemies. Kill them and interact with the Core once more. This should complete your first of the three lost sectors.

The second lost sector, Ancient’s Haunt, is located in The Tangle.

About halfway through the lost sector, you should come up to a forked path, with the left path leading into a cave. This is where you will find the Vex Core.

Interact with it, defeat any enemies, and interact with it again to progress.

Lastly, the Conflux. This lost sector is located in the Cistern. After entering the main area, you should see two waves of Radiolaria flowing to and from the ceiling on the left and right of the room.

Just before the right stream, you should see some blocks that stair-step up to an opening in the wall.

In here, you will once again interact with the Vex Core, defeat the enemies, and interact with the core again. This should complete the Analyze Vex Cores step of your quest.

Decryption Core Repaired

The next step will require you to gather Vex parts by defeating Vex enemies on the Moon. It doesn’t matter where on the Moon you defeat the Vex.

You can always go back to the entrance of the Garden of Salvation Raid from the first step to fight a horde of Vex enemies.

You can enter the actual Garden of Salvation Raid and farm Vex kills there if you wish.

Core Empowered

For this step, you will need to spend 30 Phantasmal Fragments at the Lectern on the Moon to purchase an Empowered Decryption Core.

The Lectern is unlocked about halfway through the Shadowkeep campaign.

If you haven’t done so yet, you may need to start the campaign before you can continue with this quest.

Garden of Salvation Node Puzzles

This last step will require you to not only beat the entire Garden of Salvation Raid but also complete a series of Node puzzles in between Raid encounters, all without leaving the Raid.

Yes, you have to do the entire thing, puzzles and all, without returning to Orbit.

You will need a full Fireteam to continue into the Raid. This part of the quest is best handled by an experienced player.

You will want to find someone who has done these puzzles before to make things easier on yourself.

To complete a Node puzzle, you will have to use the mechanic of the Raid, Tethering, to string together your whole Fireteam and give power to all of the Nodes in the area.

Note that you must be in line of sight with your fellow Fireteam members to Tether to them, so careful spacing is a must for these puzzles.

The first puzzle can be found right as you spawn into the Raid. At the top of the staircase, turn around. You will spot two alcoves, one on each side.

There, you will find the start and end points of the tether. You will want to arrange 3 players per alcove to complete this puzzle.

After the first encounter, hug the right ledge of the arena until you spot a small tree with pink leaves. Here, you will find the entrance to the second puzzle.

This time, you will need to form a circle around the center Node to Tether it and complete the second puzzle.

The third puzzle is not far after the second. During the platforming section, just before the second encounter, you will spot a large tree branch sticking out of the ceiling with buds on it.

Just below the branch is the starting point of your Tether. You will need to run the Tether through six Nodes to complete this puzzle.

Puzzles four and five will both spawn immediately after the third encounter. You will need to link all players into a circle and then move to power the Nodes.

Then, you will need to Tether your group again and head across the tumbling platforms towards the chest. Link up the Nodes, then you can move on.

The final two puzzles are a way into the platforming section after the third encounter. Hidden behind a waterfall, you will find a large cave.

The Start Node is in the back right of the cave, while the End Node is in the front right. This will begin the last puzzle.

Head to the Start Node again. You will find six plates on the ground, each with a Node. Tether your whole group and replicate the shapes that the Nodes make with your Tether lines.

You will repeat this seven times before completing the puzzles section.

After completing all seven puzzles, you can now defeat the final boss of the Raid to claim your Divinity.

This is definitely a lengthy questline. I hope this guide helps you throughout the process.

Are you getting ready to start the quest for your Divinity? Let me know how it goes in the comments!

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