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When playing any type of PVE activity in Destiny 2, it can be difficult to go very long without spotting Orbs of Power.

Orbs of Power are a very versatile tool, with many mods, weapons, and builds relying on them. Today, we will be going over the different methods for creating Orbs of Power, as well as how you can use them to your advantage in any activity.

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In Destiny 2, Orbs of Power can be generated by using Super abilities. Activating your Super or getting kills with your Super ability will generate Orbs of Power for your Fireteam.

Siphon Mods can also create Orbs of Power. Siphon Mods can be equipped onto your Helmet armor mod slots. Equipping a Siphon Mod that matches your weapon’s damage type will allow your weapons to generate Orbs of Power through rapid kills made in succession.

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How to Generate Orbs of Power in Destiny 2

There are currently two methods for generating Orbs of Power.

Activating Your Super

Using your Super ability is a surefire way to make Orbs of Power. Some Super abilities, such as the Warlock’s Well of Radiance and the Titant’s Sentinel Shield, will create Orbs upon activation, while others will require you to get kills with your Super in order to generate anything. 

The Exotic armor piece you have equipped can also play a part in how many Orbs of Power you create with your Super. This is why you will see many Hunters running Orpheus Rig when using Deadfall.

Using Siphon Mods

Siphon Mods are a relatively new addition to Destiny 2. They slot into any Helmet armor mod slot and allow you to generate orbs of Power after getting multiple kills with your weapon in rapid succession.

This is meant to replace the use of Masterworked weapons, which used to generate Orbs of Power until the release of the Witch Queen expansion.

There are currently seven different types of Siphon Mods, Kinetic Siphon, Arc Siphon, Solar Siphon, Void Siphon, Stasis Siphon, Strand Siphon, and Harmonic Siphon.

Each of these mods will create Orbs of Power when using weapons that match their respective damage types.

Harmonic Siphon will grant you Orbs of Power when using a weapon that matches your Subclass. It can be a good all-arounder mod choice if you tend to match your weapons and Subclass already.

What Do Orbs of Power Do?

Orbs of Power are an essential resource in Destiny 2, especially when PVE is involved, as walking over an Orb of Power will consume it and grant you Super energy. This is one of the fastest ways to build your Super in a pinch.

You will want to coordinate Super usage with your Fireteam to keep Orb generation going for everyone.

If you are planning your Loadout with your other Fireteam members, it is a good idea to have at least one efficient Orb Generation Super on the team to supply your ad-killing Supers with the fuel they need to do their job.

There are also many different Armor mods that play into Orbs of power, increasing your weapon damage for a faster time-to-kill, regenerating your health when in a tight spot, recharging your abilities for faster wave clearing, and much more.

Be sure to pay attention to these mods when crafting your PVE and PVP Loadouts, as they can be quite powerful.

That’s all! You should have everything you need to be an efficient Orb-generation machine for your Fireteam.

Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or think I missed anything important!

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