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If you are getting ready to take on some of the end-game content in Destiny 2, you will want to have your best weapons ready.

What do you do when your best weapons aren’t high enough Power Level? Upgrade them!

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To upgrade your weapon in Destiny 2, Infuse a higher-level weapon into it using an Upgrade Module.

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How to Upgrade Weapons in Destiny 2

With every new Expansion, Destiny 2 has seen an increase in maximum Power Level. This increase means weapons that used to be max Power Level now need to be upgraded to once again be as strong as possible.

Upgrading your weapons is a simple process but a necessary one if you plan on taking your weapons into end-game content such as Raids, Dungeons, or Trials of Osiris.


To upgrade your weapon, you will first need another weapon of a higher Power Level to Infuse into it. The higher-level weapon needs to be in the same slot as the weapon you want to upgrade.

You can only upgrade Kinetic weapons with other Kinetic weapons. The same is true for Energy weapons and Power Weapons.

To Infuse one weapon into another, hover over the Infusion tab under your Weapon Mods section for the weapon that you want to upgrade.

This will show you all of the weapons you have in your inventory. You can’t use weapons inside your Vault to Infuse. You can only use weapons you have on hand.

Next, hover over the weapon that you want to use as Infusion fodder.

Note that it will cost one Upgrade Module to Infuse your weapon.

You can bypass using Upgrade Modules by Infusing your weapon with another that shares the same name.

In this example, it only costs 1,000 Glimmer to upgrade the Astral Horizon using another Astral Horizon.

While this is a great way to save on Upgrade Modules, it isn’t a very common situation to be in unless you are farming for a very specific weapon and happen to get multiple versions to drop.

Next, you will see a prompt to Dismantle for Infusion. This will consume the higher-leveled weapon and give its Power Level to your weapon of choice.

You will now have an upgraded weapon!

Infusion Fodder

To avoid having to part with one of your favorite weapons just to upgrade another weapon, you will want to have some Infusion fodder on hand.

Infusion fodder is considered any high-level weapon that you don’t plan on using.

Pinnacle and Powerful Rewards are often considered Infusion fodder. For more info on how to get Pinnacle Rewards, check out our guide on Pinnacle gear.

Once you get a high-level weapon that you don’t plan on equipping, it is a good idea to either keep it in your inventory or store it in the Vault until you find a weapon that you need to upgrade.

The last thing you want to do is use a god-roll weapon as Infusion fodder.

How to get Upgrade Modules

Before you can begin Infusing any weapons, you will need Upgrade Modules.

The easiest way to get Upgrade Modules is by purchasing them from Banshee-44 or Ada-1. This will cost you 1 Enhancement Core, 10 Legendary Shards, and 5,000 Glimmer.

Not exactly cheap, but it is the price we pay for high-level weapons.

You can obtain Upgrade Modules from the Season Pass. There are quite a few Tiers on the Free Pass that give you Modules and even more in the Paid Pass.

Lastly, Upgrade Modules are rewarded by some of the vendors in the Tower as Reputation Rank rewards. So be sure to check in with them every so often during your visits to the Tower.

Now you know how to upgrade your weapons in Destiny 2!

What weapons are you looking to upgrade in your inventory? Let me know in the comments!

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