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If you are unlucky enough to not have a Commemoration drop for you yet in Destiny 2, then it may be time to reconsider your farming methods.

In this guide, we will go over some of the best ways to get Commemoration as well as what rolls you will want on it.

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To get Commemoration in Destiny 2, complete the final encounter of the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.

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How to Get Commemoration in Destiny 2

Commemoration is one of the community’s favorite weapons. After players saw the Perks that can roll on this weapon, they were very eager to get their hands on a god roll.

Sadly, this weapon is not the easiest to farm. This is often the case with Raid drops.

Commemoration can only be obtained by completing the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. Many amazing weapons come from this Raid, including the Succession Sniper Rifle, the Bequest Sword, the Trustee Scout Rifle, and the Heritage Precision Shotgun.

This many great weapons do make the Raid much more appealing to farm, which is good considering you may be running the Raid quite a few times before getting Commemoration to drop.

You may find some god rolls for other weapons that you will surely use later on.

It is worth mentioning that Commemoration only drops from the final encounter of the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. This is both a blessing and a curse.

While this does mean that you won’t have as many chances during the Raid for Commemoration to drop, it also means that you actually do not need to complete the entire Raid before knowing if you will get the weapon you want or not.

Players can skip directly to the final Boss if all they are after is Commemoration. This is by far the fastest method of getting Commemoration to drop.

All you have to do is find someone with a final Boss checkpoint and have them give it to you. The process for this is simple.

Join the player inside of the Raid with the final Boss checkpoint. Begin the encounter, wipe, and wait for everyone to spawn back in.

The Boss checkpoint will now be saved to your character as well as anyone else inside of the Raid, meaning you can now leave and get a Fireteam together to take out the Boss without having to complete any encounters beforehand.

You will want to make sure you keep this checkpoint on one of your characters and farm the checkpoint on another. Otherwise, you will need to find yet another player with the final Boss checkpoint and repeat the process.

Begin the Raid with your character that has the checkpoint and wait until everyone in the Fireteam has loaded into the encounter.

Once in, swap characters to the one that you will be farming the checkpoint on and join back into the Raid where your Fireteam is waiting. You can now complete the encounter while maintaining the checkpoint on a separate character.

Repeat this process as many times as you can to get all of your weekly drops out of the way. Much faster than completing three Raids in their entirety.

Note that, just like any other Raid, Deep Stone Crypt encounters will only reward players with one loot drop per character per week, giving you a maximum of three chances to obtain Commemoration every week from the final encounter. The exception to this rule comes with Featured Raids.

Every week, Destiny 2 will feature a specific Raid and Dungeon, removing the loot cap and allowing players to continually farm them for loot drops throughout the week.

If you want to make the most out of your time, wait until Deep Stone Crypt is the Featured Raid before using the checkpoint farming method until you get a Commemoration to drop.

After you unlock your very first Commemoration, you will be able to purchase additional rolls from the final chest of the Deep Stone Crypt Raid using your Spoils of Conquest. This currency is gained after every Raid encounter completion.

For many players, the goal is to get five red-boarder variants of Commemoration and unlock its crafting pattern. To do this, you will need more than just a single drop.

There are two secret chests inside of the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. Both chests are capable of dropping any piece of loot that you have already unlocked from the Raid.

After unlocking Commemoration, you can potentially get two additional drops every week from these secret chests. The first chest can be found just after the opening sparrow sequence on top of a large rock.

The second is hidden in the space platforming section. It will be on a small platform off to the right of your initial path.

Is Commemoration Worth It?

If you need a heavy weapon that is great at both ad-clearing and damage dealing, Commemoration may be for you. This Legendary Adaptive Frame Void Machine Gun comes with the insane Perk Reconstruction.

This Perk steadily reloads your magazine when not firing the gun, meaning it will always be fully loaded when you need it.

On top of this, it can overflow the magazine to twice the normal capacity, giving you more than enough ammo for most scenarios.

For ad-clearing, you have Dragonfly to take out more enemies with fewer bullets. For damage, you have either Rampage or Firing Line, depending on the situation.

Most players will choose Rampage for a general-use damage buff. You also have the option of using Unrelenting for more survivability and extra health regeneration.

This amount of versatility is rarely found in a Power weapon. Commemoration being a craftable weapon makes it all the better, as there are plenty of god-rolls that players can try out.

Now you are ready to begin farming for your first Commemoration. I wish you luck on your Raid drops!

What rolls are you looking to get on your Commemoration? Let me know your personal god roll in the comments!

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