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Players who are looking for some challenging content in Destiny 2 will often try solo eng-game activities. This is only possible if you have the best solo Class ready to go.

Today, we will go through the different Classes and highlight their use cases to find the best Class for you.

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The best solo Class in Destiny 2 is Warlock, though all three of the Classes are capable of solo content.

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What Is the Best Solo Class in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is a game built around multiple players, almost always allowing you to share your experiences with others in your Fireteam.

It does its best to give you the chance to always have someone by your side, be it with matchmaking or the newly implemented Fireteam Finder system.

With that said, there are plenty of reasons why you would need to or want to do solo activities in Destiny 2. Maybe your usual group of friends isn’t online and you were itching to get a few runs in of your favorite activity.

Maybe you are attempting to complete a Legendary Lost Sector while solo to get some new Exotic gear. We have a guide on Solo Legendary Lost Sectors if you want some more tips on how to complete them.

Regardless of your reason, it is important to have a Class ready that is capable of taking on these challenges with no help. So, what is the best Class to use when going into end-game content solo?

The easy answer is Warlock. The real answer is it depends on the type of content in question and the type of player you are.

When we think of going into end-game content solo, the biggest struggle that you will face will be either a lack of damage output or a lack of survivability.

Both of these issues are offset when in a Fireteam, as you have other players constantly giving you cover fire or reviving you when you go down.

To make up for this, solo Classes will need to either make up for the lack of damage by outputting an absurd amount of damage themselves or specialize heavily into survivability to avoid wiping after only a single death. For these reasons, Warlock seems to be the best choice for a lot of players.

Keep in mind that all three of the Classes are capable of completing any activity in the game solo. All you need is the right build and a game plan.

Hunters are known for their high-damage Super abilities and versatility in a Fireteam. When it comes to solo content, their ability to go invisible whenever they need it, along with the option to regenerate health while doing it, gives them an easy way to stay alive in the end game.

If you are good at using your surroundings to your advantage but struggle with actually getting to advantageous positions, consider the Hunter for their invisibility. You will have an easy time traversing the arena and getting to a spot that lets you play the way you want.

Titans have always been seen as the tank Class and this remains true whether you put them into a Fireteam or a solo mission. Titans have plenty of cover options with Barricades and Bubbles, as well as plenty of health regeneration options and overshields to keep them alive.

If you struggle with staying behind cover, always finding yourself dying out in the open, consider picking Titan for on-demand cover and some additional Resilience to help you stay alive a bit longer.

Titans have a good amount of Exotic armor options as well that you can use to personalize the Class to your play style.

Warlocks, being the support Class in a Fireteam setting, are the perfect candidates for solo content. All of your group healing abilities and damage bonuses that you would usually dish out to your Fireteam can now be used on yourself.

Warlocks, especially Solar Warlocks, have the most options when it comes to self-healing, which is very important to have when solo.

Many of these abilities also increase your damage output, which is the other key feature needed for solo content.

If you are ok with sacrificing a bit of extra ability damage for additional healing options, Warlock is the way to go.

You can take any encounter slow and steady knowing that you will always have more than enough health to get through it.

Best Solo Subclass

No matter what Class you choose to play, you won’t get very far in solo content without a solid build in mind.

Remember, for solo content, we are looking for survivability and enhanced damage to help us clear ads and deal with Champions as fast as possible.


The obvious choice, and the favorite for much of the community, is the Solar Warlock. Well of Radiance is a staple Super ability no matter what type of activity you load up.

The ability to have a panic button that will not only keep you from dying with constant healing but also give you an instant bonus to weapon damage is something that every Class wishes they had access to.

Your Healing Rift can make up for the times when your Well of Radiance is on cooldown as well.

Solar Warlocks are mobile, with Icarus Dash and Heat Rises to get around the area and outmaneuver enemies. One of the best perks of being a Solar Warlock has to be the Solar Grenade.

Sunbracers is your Exotic armor piece of choice, as it gives you an infinite amount of Solar Grenades that you can dish out to groups of enemies or even Bosses and wipe out the entire arena with ease.

This build gives you everything you need to take on Solo Legendary Lost Sectors, Dungeons, and even some Raid encounters alone.


Hunters will want to take advantage of their invisibility by using the Void subclass.

This gives them access to multiple ways of going invisible, as well as the Morpheus Quiver for clearing out groups of enemies and debuffing Bosses when it is time for the damage phase.

The Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk Exotic Chest Piece is your bread and butter for your Void build to work successfully.

Combine this with a Void Energy weapon, and you will have infinite Volatile rounds and Devour activated to regenerate health constantly.

Alternatively, you can go with the Arc subclass for a bit more neutral game enhancements. This will give you passive buffs such as movement speed, damage reduction, and ability regeneration speed.

You will want to use the Assassin’s Cowl Exotic Helmet for invisibility and additional health regeneration.

When used in combination with the Arc subclass’s Combination Blow Melee ability and the Gambler’s Dodge Class ability, you will never run out of ways to go invisible.

The Arc subclass also has the Gathering Storm Super, which is great for taking out large Champions and Bosses and gives you the opportunity to focus more on ad clearing with your Loadout.


Titans have many different angles that they could take their builds. One of the most popular is the Solar Titan.

The Solar subclass has plenty of passive healing effects, along with the Titan’s already impressive list of abilities, that can carry you through some tough engagements.

As for your Exotic armor piece, we recommend the Loreley Splendor Helm.

This helmet will create a sunspot whenever you become critically wounded, dealing damage to nearby enemies and instantly regenerating your health.

This allows you to play a bit more aggressively knowing that your sunspot will activate should you ever need it.

You will also have the Hammer of Sol Super ability to take out wave after wave of enemies and give you a burst of healing and extra resilience if you are about to die. All of this makes Solar Titan a great choice for solo content.

If you don’t have the Loreley Splendor Helm, you can always go Void Titan for an abundance of overshields. The better option, if you have it unlocked, is the Strand subclass.

The Aspect Banner of War turns you into a walking tank that constantly regenerates health, reduces incoming damage, and allows you to melee anything in your path.

You will have a Grapple Grenade for mobility and many outlets for Suspending enemies.

This subclass is great with either Synthocepts or Abeyant Leap as your Exotic armor piece. Synthocepts are a good general-purpose choice to further increase melee damage and melee lunge range.

Abeyant Leap for a more defensive Suspend build, as you can use your Barricade to Suspend multiple enemies and render them useless. This is especially great for dealing with Champions.

These are the best Classes to use if you plan on taking on any content in Destiny 2 alone. I hope you found one that you enjoy playing on this list!

What subclass do you normally play when solo? Do you have recommendations that weren’t on the list? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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