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Legendary Lost Sectors are one of Destiny 2’s best end-game activities to farm, as their rewards are pretty generous for a solo activity.

Before you can start farming Lost Sectors, you will need to know how to unlock them. Keep on reading to find out how!

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To unlock Legendary Lost Sectors in Destiny 2, complete the base Lost Sector while exploring the Destination. A minimum Power Level of 1750 is required before Legendary Lost Sectors are available.

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How to Unlock Legendary Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

There are two key requirements you will need in order to unlock Legendary Lost Sectors.

To unlock access to Legendary Lost Sectors, you will first need to complete the base Lost Sector at least once on your character.

Lost Sectors will not show up on your map until you have cleared them once. If the Daily Legendary Lost Sector isn’t showing up for you, this is likely because you have yet to finish the base version.

Next, if the Legendary Lost Sector still isn’t showing up for you, it is likely because your Power Level is too low. If your Power Level is below 1750, you will not be able to enter the Legendary Lost Sector.

Legendary Lost Sectors are considered end-game content. While the minimum Power Level requirement is 1750, we recommend being at least 1800 base Power Level before attempting these Lost Sectors.

After you have completed the Lost Sector once and have a Power Level higher than 1750, you should be good to go and start farming Lost Sectors.

How to Do Legendary Lost Sectors

Before you can do the Legendary Lost Sector, you will need to find it first.

The Legendary Lost Sector changes daily. You will know where it is by looking for the Lost Sector icon on your Destinations tab.

Sadly, you can’t launch Legendary Lost Sectors from Orbit.

You will have to head down to the planet and find it. To make things easier on yourself, you can Add a Waypoint the the Legendary Lost Sector by clicking on it in your Map to help you navigate towards it.

Legendary Lost Sectors are just as hard as Nightfalls for most players. You will want to treat them as such when building your Loadout, as you won’t be able to swap your gear once you start.

There are a few key rules every Legendary Lost Sector has that you will need to follow:

  • Shielded Foes: Each Lost Sector will have two types of elemental shields that enemies can spawn with throughout the Lost Sector. Be sure to bring weapons or a subclass that can deal with these shields.
  • Limited Revives: We don’t have unlimited revives for this. Once you run out of revives then you will be sent out of the Lost Sector.
  • Champions: There are usually two different types of Champion enemies that spawn throughout the Lost Sector. Killing a Champion will grant you an additional revive so be sure to take them all out.
  • Elemental Threat: Every Lost Sector will have a different Elemental Threat chosen. Whatever the chosen element is will deal increased damage to you. You will want to put on Damage Resistance Mods that match this element, if possible.
  • Elemental Surge: The chosen Elemental Surge will increase the damage of your weapons if they match the chosen elemental type. It is a good idea to try and pick a Primary weapon and a Power weapon that matches this element.

Along with these rules, every Legendary Lost Sector will have a few unique modifiers thrown in that could change the way you and your enemies interact, from enhanced melee damage to more frequent grenade usage from the enemies.

Be sure to do a quick check of all of the daily modifiers before heading in by hovering over them when selecting your difficulty.


So, for your Loadout, you will want to make sure you follow the Elemental Surge and check what Shielded Foes will appear throughout the encounter.

We recommend using an Energy Primary weapon to make the most of your extra Elemental Surge damage.

For your Special weapon, something that can deal with Champions is best. Riptide with Chill Clip is a fine choice if you aren’t sure what to use.

You can also forgo using Special ammo if you need another Primary to stun Champions.

For your Power Weapon, Machine Guns are a great choice for Legendary Lost Sectors as they can shred through Minor, Major, Champion, and Boss health bars with ease.

Thunderlord is an excellent choice for an Exotic Machine Gun.

Using a subclass that matches the Elemental Surge would be ideal for additional ability damage.

If you are having a tough time with the Champion enemies, we recommend using Strand. Shackle Grenades, Ensnaring Slam, and any other ability that Suspends enemies are a great way to take care of Champions and make them easy targets.

Take your time, especially when doing these Lost Sectors solo. While there is a time limit, it is pretty generous, and you should have no trouble getting through the Lost Sector before it ends.

Be sure to take out every Champion on the way as they contribute to your reward at the end.

Are Legendary Lost Sectors Worth Doing?

Legendary Lost Sectors are a good source of Upgrade materials, including Enhancement Cores and Enhancement Prisms. The main reason you would want to do a Legendary Lost Sector, however, is for the Exotic gear.

When you complete a Solo Legendary Lost Sector, meaning you have no one else on your Fireteam, then you will have a common chance of being rewarded with Exotic armor pieces.

We highly recommend a Power Level of 1810 before trying to solo any Legendary Lost Sector.

Your chances of getting an Exotic are raised when doing Lost Sectors on Master difficulty, though it is much easier and faster to just farm Legend difficulty, even if the drop rate is slightly lower.

With the right Loadout, you could potentially clear a Solo Legendary Lost Sector in under 10 minutes, making this a quick and easy way to get Exotics.

The type of Exotic armor rewarded rotates daily throughout the week, with the Head, Arms, Chest, and Legs armor rotating in order.

The loot pool for each of these Exotic armor types is tied to Exotic armor that is added in with every new Season and Expansion.

You won’t be able to get any of the original Exotic armor pieces from these Lost Sectors, only Exotic armor added after Beyond Light.

You can see what the daily Exotic reward will be by hovering over the Legendary Lost Sector on your Map.

All in all, Solo Legendary Lost Sectors are a great way to get much-needed Exotic armor pieces on all of your characters.

They are a must-run activity at the start of a new Season if you want to get the new Exotic armor fast.

Even if you have all of the Exotics unlocked, Legendary Lost Sectors are one of the best methods for farming high-stat Exotic armor.

Now you should be ready to both unlock and complete your first Legendary Lost Sector!

Is there a specific Exotic armor piece that you are still trying to get from Solo Legendary Lost Sectors? Are there any builds you’d like to recommend for newer players? Let me know in the comments!

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