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Avid Destiny 2 PvP players will eventually notice that they need to reset their Crucible Rank before they can continue earning Crucible rewards. You will want to know how to reset your Rank so you don’t miss out on any potential gear.

This guide will quickly go over how the Crucible Rank system works and where you need to go when it is time to reset your Crucible Rank.

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To reset your Crucible Rank in Destiny 2, visit Lord Shaxx in the Tower and accept all of his Rank Rewards before picking up the last reward and resetting your Rank.

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How to Reset Crucible Rank in Destiny 2

The Crucible is Destiny 2’s dedicated PvP game mode, providing players with a way to test their skills and Loadouts against other players of similar skill.

There is a good variety of game modes to choose from, with rotating casual game modes and a dedicated competitive 3v3 mode.

At the end of every Crucible match, regardless of whether it is casual or competitive, win or loss, players are rewarded with Glimmer, loot, Shaders, and Crucible Valor.

This lets casual players enjoy the game modes they want to play while competitive players can continue their grind in Glory game mode, each working towards increasing their Crucible Rank.

Gain enough Valor, and you will increase your Crucible Rank, rewarding you with additional gear and loot drops. You will want to continue increasing your Crucible Rank until you hit one of the Crucible Rank Milestones.

There are six Milestone Tiers in The Crucible, each unlocking a new reward the next time you visit Shaxx. These Milestone Tiers are Rank 1, Rank 4, Rank 7, Rank 10, Rank 13, and Rank 16.

Shaxx will have a lineup of Rank Rewards for you, one for each Rank Milestone that you have passed in The Crucible.

These rewards range from Powerful Gear and Upgrade Materials to Shaders and Seasonal weapons.

All of these rewards will be grayed out until you have reached the required Milestone. You can hover over each of these rewards to see the required Crucible Rank before you can unlock them.

Once you reach unlock a Rank Reward, you can accept it at any time when visiting Shaxx. Your rewards will always be there until the new Season begins.

Every Guardian will begin at the lowest Crucible Rank, Guardian I. As you progress and play more Crucible Matches, you will eventually reach the maximum Crucible Rank of Legend.

When this happens, you will see a message appear telling you to reset your Crucible Rank before you can earn any more rewards. To reset your Crucible Rank, you need to visit Lord Shaxx in the Tower.

After reaching Shaxx, you will need to pick up the last Rank Reward on his list in order to reset your Crucible Rank. This Reward is labeled as “Reset Rank“.

You can not accept this reward unless you have already picked up all of the previous Rank Rewards from Shaxx. Be sure to go through and make space for all of Shaxx’s rewards if you plan on Resetting your Crucible Rank.

After accepting the Reset Rank Reward, your Crucible Rank will be reset to Guardian I you will increase your Prestige by one.

You will now be shown a new list of Rank Rewards from Shaxx that you can continue working towards once again.

This new list will contain an Ornament for the new Seasonal weapon, along with more Upgrade Materials and either an Exotic Engram or an Ascendant Shard.

You are now ready to go back into The Crucible and continue earning rewards again. Crucible Rank-up packages are a great resource for players who just want to enjoy the PvP side of Destiny 2, allowing them to build up their collection of gear and currency without the hassle of PvE gameplay.

If you want to maximize your gains while inside The Crucible, be sure to pick up all of the Crucible bounties you can carry before going back in. These bounties can be obtained from Shaxx are are fairly simple to complete.

Each bounty will reward you with XP, increasing your level and furthering you along with your Artifact upgrades.

Additional Bounties are randomly generated bounties that reward less XP than traditional bounties, instead giving you a small amount of Bright Dust upon completion.

Keep a look out for Double Valor Rewards and Ranks weeks in Destiny 2. These are special weeks where all Crucible activities will reward additional gear and Valor points.

This is the perfect time to get back in The Crucible and work towards resetting your Crucible Rank.

Now that you know how to reset your Crucible Rank, you are ready to go back and continue enjoying your favorite Destiny 2 game modes!

How long have you been playing Destiny 2 PvP? Do you have any tips for newer players to help them Rank up faster? Let me know in the comments!

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