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Dead Messenger is obtainable once again in Destiny 2!

To find out how to unlock the Dead Messenger, along with its catalyst and all of its Perks, continue reading.

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To unlock the Dead Messenger in Destiny 2, complete the Vox Obscura Exotic Mission when it is on the weekly rotation.

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How to Get Dead Messenger in Destiny 2

Dead Messenger is an Exotic Void Grenade Launcher. It is a Wave Frame weapon. However, the Intrinsic Perk Trinary Vision creates three separate waves when fired instead of one.

It comes with The Fundamentals Perk, allowing it to swap between Solar, Arc, and Void damage types to match the enemy shields mid-fight.

Each alternative damage type also provides a different passive buff to the weapon.

Solar grants increased reload speed and aerial effectiveness. Arc gives you increased Handling and Range. And Void has increased Stability and Aim Assist.

This is a great Exotic weapon to have, especially if you don’t already have a good Wave Frame Grenade Launcher like Forbearance.

It is capable of dealing with many enemies at once and is a good backup option for elemental shields, allowing you to cover all three element types with a single weapon.

Vox Obscura Mission

The Dead Messenger is tied to the Exotic Mission Vox Obscura, which was released in the Season of the Risen.

It is now back and part of the rotating Featured Exotic Missions pool, along with the Presage and Seraph’s Shield Exotic Missions.

To begin this mission, open the Directory and head to the Legends section. You will see the Weekly Featured Exotic Mission displayed here. If you are lucky, it will be Vox Obscura today.

It is important to remember that you will need to own either The Witch Queen Expansion or the Season of the Risen in order to play this mission.

Before heading in, you will want to prepare your Loadout. It is a good idea to bring a couple of friends to make things much easier.

This mission will have Unstoppable Champions in it, so be sure to bring any weapon that can deal with them, such as a Fusion Rifle or a Scout Rifle.

Once you are all set with your Loadout and make sure you have the mission unlocked, you are ready to begin. This mission is time-sensitive. You will need to quickly reach checkpoints in order to not fail and get sent back to Orbit.

After beating the final Boss of the mission, you will be rewarded with a red-boarder Dead Messenger, allowing you to instantly unlock the crafting pattern for this weapon.

How to Get Dead Messenger Intrinsic Crafting Perks

What is unique about these new craftable Exotic Weapons is how you unlock their additional Perk options for crafting.

Instead of Leveling Up Your Weapon like you normally would, you instead unlock these Perks through additional completions of the Vox Obscura Exotic Mission.

Each completion will reward you with a new Perk or Trait that you can use when crafting a Dead Messenger. You can unlock all of the Traits simply by doing the mission on Normal difficulty.

Completing Vox Obscura on Legendary difficulty will reward you with one of three new Intrinsic Perks as well as the Traits from Normal completions. These Intrinsic Perks are Thresh, Unrelenting, and Demolitionist.

Demolitionist, in particular, is a very appealing Perk to have on Dead Messenger. With it, you will be able to instantly reload your weapon after throwing a grenade and gain grenade energy back with every Dead Messenger kill.

You should be able to continually cycle between grenades and weapon kills for near-infinite ability up-time.

How to Get Dead Messenger Catalyst

The Catalyst for Dead Messenger is only rewarded by completing Vox Obscura on Legendary difficulty.

You will then need to kill enemies using each of the Solar, Arc, and Void firing modes on Dead Messenger in order to fully unlock its Catalyst.

This Catalyst grants it the Turnabout Perk, which grants you an overshield when breaking an enemy’s shield.

It is a good idea to try and complete the Vox Obscura mission on Legendary difficulty four times in order to unlock all of the Intrinsic Perk and Trait options, as well as the Catalyst.

When doing the Vox Obscura mission on Legendary difficulty, you will not only have Unstoppable Champions to deal with but also have Barrier Champions added on top.

You will also have numerous modifiers that need to be taken into consideration when making a Loadout for this mission. It is highly recommended to bring a Fireteam of three for Legendary difficulty.

Now you are ready to go and get your own Dead Messenger!

Are you excited to use this weapon? What Intrinsic Perk will you be running with it? Let me know in the comments!

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