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Trinity Ghoul is a great weapon that many Destiny 2 players are beginning to add to their Loadouts.

If you aren’t quite sure how to unlock Trinity Ghoul or its Catalyst, continue reading on!

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To get Trinity Ghoul in Destiny 2, purchase the Forsaken Expansion. Trinity Ghoul will now drop randomly from any Exotic Engram. Farming Exotic Engrams will grant a higher chance of getting Trinity Ghoul.

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How to Get Trinity Ghoul in Destiny 2

Like many older Expansion Exotics, Trinity Ghoul was released without being tied to an Exotic mission or activity.

Instead, it can only be obtained from Exotic Engrams, Powerful rewards, and Pinnacle Rewards. This makes it one of the tougher Exotic weapons to obtain, as it truly is reliant on luck.

Trinity Ghoul was released during the Forsaken Expansion. You will need to own the Forsaken Expansion if you want Trinity Ghoul to be added to the Exotic weapons loot pool and have a chance of getting it to drop.

After having completed all of your Pinnacle and Powerful Rewards for the week, you will want to try and focus on obtaining as many Exotic Engrams as you can to unlock Trinity Ghoul.

The more Exotic Engrams you can get, the better your chances of getting Trinity Ghoul to drop.

Bungie has added a “bad-luck protection” to Exotic Engrams that skews their drop chances towards Exotic weapons that you have not yet unlocked.

Here are some of the best ways to get Exotic Engrams.

Nightfall Strikes

Your best bet for unlocking Trinity Ghoul is to run Grandmaster Nightfall missions, as they have a high chance of rewarding you with Exotic weapons and gear.

These are challenging, end-game Strikes that you will need a full Fireteam of three to complete. With the right builds and a little patience, most Nightfall Strikes can be completed in under 10 minutes.

To maximize your time spent doing Strikes, wait for the Vanguard double-rewards week to take full advantage of increased Exotic drops, as this is the perfect time to get a couple of friends together and grind out Nightfalls for a generous amount of rewards.

Tower Vendor Rank Reset

Every vendor in the Tower has a reputation rank. These ranks increase when completing activities and bounties tied to that vendor. Strike completions will grant you Vanguard reputation levels with Zavala.

Crucible matches will increase your reputation with Shax. And Gambit matches will give you a reputation with The Drifter.

Aside from activity completions, Bounties are a great way to increase reputation with vendors. You can purchase bounties from Zavala, Shax, The Drifter, Banshee-44, and the Seasonal vendor in the H.E.L.M.

Reaching the maximum reputation rank with a vendor allows you to reset their rank and continue earning rewards with every rank up. Resetting a vendor’s reputation rank will also reward you with an Exotic Engram.

Be sure to pick up as many Bounties as you can before heading into any playlist activities to maximize your reputation gains.


If you aren’t high enough Power Level to do Nightfall Strikes or just don’t have the time to grind them at the moment, then you will want to make sure to visit Xur every week when he visits on the weekends.

Xur will always bring with him a selection of purchasable Exotics, one armor piece per Class, and one random Exotic weapon. If you are lucky, he will have Trinity Ghoul on sale one of these weeks.

If you are not lucky and he does not have Trinity Ghoul for sale, be sure to pick up at least one Exotic Engram from Xur. The first one will only cost you 97 Legendary Shards.

Any Exotic Engrams purchased after that will cost an Exotic Cipher. This is not the best use for Exotic Ciphers, so we do not recommend spending them on Exotic Engrams.

Season Pass

The Season Pass in Destiny 2 is more than worth the price for the amount of value it provides.

Not only will you receive Exotic Ciphers, Deepsight Harmonizers, and Upgrade Modules, but it is also a great source for Exotic Engrams.

In Season of the Witch alone, the Season Pass has eight Exotic Engrams up for grabs.

If you played in previous Seasons and forgot to claim your Exotic Engrams, be sure to head on over to our guide on How to Claim Past Season Rewards.

How to Get Trinity Ghoul Catalyst

Once you have obtained Trinity Ghoul, you will, of course, want to unlock its Catalyst.

Sadly, just like Trinity Ghoul, its Catalyst is a random world drop. Any playlist activity completion will have a chance to reward you with the Trinity Ghoul Catalyst once you have the Exotic weapon unlocked.

Once again, your best bet is to spam playlist activities until you get the Catalyst to drop. These activities include Strikes as well as Grandmaster Nightfalls, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.

Once you get the Catalyst to drop, you will need to get 400 kills using Trinity Ghoul to fully unlock the Catalyst.

Is Trinity Ghoul Worth it?

Trinity Ghoul is definitely a weapon that you will want to have unlocked.

It is an Exotic Arc Bow with the Intrinsic Perk Split Electron that fires multiple arrows in a spread. Aiming down sights while fully drawing the bow will tighten this spread for a more precise shot.

To pair with the fan of arrows, this Bow has the Perk Lightning Rod, granting chain-lightning energy to your arrows after landing a precision kill.

You will want to alternate between landing a single precision kill while aiming down sights to activate Lightning Rod before firing from the hip to send out a spread of arrows that chain lightning damage to any enemies nearby.

This makes Trinity Ghoul a fantastic ad-clearing weapon. Add the fact that it is an Exotic Bow, giving it additional base damage and high precision damage to deal with Major enemies, and it starts to look like a great weapon all around.

The Catalyst decreases Trinity Ghoul’s Draw Time for a faster arrow nock and grants it the Perk Forked Lightning, activating Lightning Rod with any Arc final blow.

This allows you to chain Lightning Rod kills after only a single precision kill. You can also pair this with an Arc subclass build to always have Lightning Rod active, eliminating the need for any precision kills.

After unlocking the Catalyst, Trinity Ghoul becomes a monster of a weapon that is both strong and fun to use.

That’s how you unlock Trinity Ghoul along with its Catalyst!

Are you still trying to get Trinity Ghoul to drop? Do you have any tips for getting Exotic Engrams fast? Let me know in the comments!

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