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There are a lot of activities to do in Destiny 2. Some players don’t have enough time to complete every activity they begin. This is where checkpoints come in.

If you are curious as to whether or not Dungeons in Destiny 2 have checkpoints, this is the guide for you.

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Yes, Dungeons in Destiny 2 have checkpoints similar to Raids and campaign missions that save your progress when you leave the activity.

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Do Dungeons Have Checkpoints in Destiny 2?

Dungeons are one of the many end-game activities available in Destiny 2. They follow a similar structure to Raids, with multiple Boss encounters and puzzle sections that players have to navigate together.

While Raids are designed for a full Fireteam of six players to participate, Dungeons are designed for a smaller Fireteam. The maximum amount of players that can join a single Dungeon is three.

As with Raids, Dungeons can be extremely difficult, especially if you are running one for the first time. Luckily, there are checkpoints inside of Dungeons.

These checkpoints function exactly the same as checkpoints for Raids and campaign missions.

Players will receive a checkpoint every time they enter into a new section of the Dungeon. Whenever all members of the Fireteam die, they will be sent back to their previous checkpoint.

While this makes sense inside of the Dungeon, many players are confused about what happens if you leave the Dungeon without completing it. They want to know, do dungeons save progress?

The answer is yes. Dungeons will save your previous checkpoint and allow you to load back into it whenever you launch the Dungeon from your Directory again.

Note that only your checkpoint progress is saved. Your actual progress within that checkpoint will be reset back to the beginning of the checkpoint.

This is still a very, very convenient feature for players who don’t have enough time to fully complete a Dungeon run in one sitting. They can simply go back to Orbit and load back in later to continue where they left off.

The game will notify you if you have a checkpoint saved for any Dungeon, Raid, or campaign mission.

When launching the activity from your Directory, there will be a little symbol to the left of the Launch button indicating your checkpoint.

If you wish to start the activity over from the beginning, you can delete your checkpoint by hovering over this symbol and interacting with it.

This is useful for players who are trying to complete a flawless Raid or Dungeon, where they do not die a single time during the activity. Should they mess up and die once, they will need to reset their checkpoint to begin the flawless run over again.

Checkpoints can be given to other players as well, allowing them to skip encounters and start their activity where they want. This is very useful for farming certain encounters for specific drops.

To get a Dungeon checkpoint from another player, join their Fireteam and have them start the Dungeon from their checkpoint.

After loading in, begin the encounter and wipe. Once you spawn back in, the checkpoint will be saved to your character.

You can now leave that player’s Fireteam and you will keep the checkpoint to use whenever you wish. Keep in mind that checkpoints for Raids, Dungeons, and campaign missions only remain active until the next Weekly Reset.

Now you are ready to take on any Dungeon in Destiny 2 without fear of losing your progress!

Are you planning on running your first Dungeon soon? Feel free to leave any Dungeon-related questions in the comments!

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