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Contraverse Hold is one of those Exotics that every Warlock main should have unlocked. It is a staple in end-game PvE and has plenty of potential for other game modes.

We will quickly go over the different ways you can unlock Contraverse Hold, as well as the reasons why you should be using it today.

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To get Contraverse Hold in Destiny 2, complete Solo Legendary Lost Sector runs during Gauntlet Day.

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How to Get Contraverse Hold in Destiny 2

Contraverse Hold is an Exotic Gauntlet specific to the Warlock Class. It was once a meta-defining Exotic upon release and still sees plenty of play both inside of PvE and PvP activities today.

As it is an older Exotic armor piece released with the Forsaken Expansion, it can be obtained randomly from any Exotic Engram. This is far from the most efficient way of getting Contraverse Hold, however.

The best way to farm for Contraverse Hold is to complete Solo Legendary Lost Sectors. You will have a good chance of getting it to drop at the end of every Lost Sector completion.

You will want to make sure that it is Gauntlet Day before beginning your farm. You can check what type of Exotic armor pieces are dropping from the Lost Sector today by hovering over it on your Map.

If you are new to Legendary Lost Sectors and need some help preparing for your first run, we have a guide on How to Do Legendary Lost Sectors. Keep in mind that you need to be at least Power Level 1750 in order to unlock Legendary Lost Sectors.

Note that this is only the minimum Power Level required and that you should only consider attempting Legendary difficulty Lost Sectors once you achieve a Power Level closer to 1800. You will have a much easier time completing the activity this way.

Also, keep in mind that you will have to complete these Lost Sectors on your own. No other members can be inside of your Fireteam during the activity or else you will not receive an Exotic drop at the end of the run.

It shouldn’t take too many runs before you get your Contraverse Hold to drop. So, how good is Contraverse Hold anyway?

It comes with the Intrinsic Perk Chaotic Exchanger, giving you a boost to damage resistance when charging your Void grenades. Charged grenades will also return some grenade ability energy upon hit.

The damage resistance granted by this Exotic is substantial and will keep you alive during some of the most chaotic fights.

The grenade energy granted will almost give you your entire grenade back when used on groups of enemies, especially in conjunction with energy regeneration Mods.

Plenty of Guardians have builds that revolve around using Contraverse Hold to tank incoming damage while they charge their grenade. You can use this damage resistance whether you are charging a damaging grenade or even when charging a grenade to consume for your Devour.

It is best paired with the Vortex Grenade ability, as it has the potential to grant you grenade energy regeneration during the initial impact of the grenade as well as the final tick of damage dealt, giving you your full grenade ability back in most cases.

You have some great Fragment choices for this grenade build as well, with Echo of Undermining giving your grenades a debuff that weakens any enemies that are sucked inside.

Echo of Remnants and Echo of Persistence will both increase your grenade duration as well as the duration of your debuffs applied to enemies.

Upon release, this Exotic was a menace in the PvP scene. Today, after some balance changes, Contraverse Hold is an amazing end-game PvE Exotic for its survivability and constant ability regeneration effects.

This build is one that you will see many Warlocks using today and is something that you should definitely try out if you play Void Warlock often.

You are now ready to unlock Contraverse Hold for yourself. I wish you luck with your Lost Sector runs!

What do you think about this Exotic? Are there any tips you would give players who are using it for the first time? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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