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Whether you are a returning player or are making your first Bungie account in order to play Destiny 2, you will want to know how to change your in-game name.

We will quickly go over how to change your name today.

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To change your name in Destiny 2, visit the Bungie website and go to your Profile Settings. Click on Identity settings to change your name.

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How to Change Name in Destiny 2

Not long ago, your name inside of Destiny 2 was tied to the platform that you were playing on. For console users, their names would be the same as their gamer tags.

For PC players, their Steam accounts would dictate the name of their Destiny 2 account. This led to players constantly abusing the free name changes that these platforms provide to create some very, very interesting names.

This led to confusion as players could never quite tell who was who on their friends list. There were many players who used these free name changes to come up with some undesirable names floating around the Destinations.

Now, Bungie requires all players to link their accounts, no matter the platform, to a account. This Bungie account is where your Destiny 2 account will get its name. This name will be shared between all platforms, allowing you to seamlessly cross-play with the same account on any platform you choose.

In order to make this change, Bungie gave all players a one-time name change that they can use on their Bungie account to change their name in Destiny 2, just in case their name was saved from the wrong platform.

While this limits the amount of goofy names around the Tower, it also makes it much easier to keep track of who is who on your friends list.

You can not change your name directly from Destiny 2.

To change your name, you will need to first log in to your Bungie account that is linked to your Destiny 2 account.

Go to your Profile Settings. Here, you should find the Identity Settings, where you can change your Bungie Name.

You can select from your linked platform gamertags so long as they are approved by Bungie’s policies or you can choose an original name.

You will also see some suggested names based on your current in-game name. These can be great if you are having a hard time coming up with a new name.

Enter the name you wish to use and hit Save. Note that you will only get one name change, so use it wisely. After changing your name, you will also be given a new randomly generated number added to the end of your Bungie ID.

These numbers are unique per player and are required to differentiate players with the same name.

You will also need these numbers if you ever intend to use the /join or /invite commands when using any type of LFG method to get a Fireteam together.

It is a good idea to try to memorize your numbers or keep them handy to make joining groups much easier.

If you are receiving a message that the name you entered is not allowed, be sure to check that it does not violate Bungie’s Code of Conduct. You can find a list of Bungie’s naming policies on their website here.

If you see a message below your current name saying that you do not have any name changes available, this means that you have either already used your one-time name change or there was an error with your account.

You can find out more about this error in Bungie’s Cross Play Guide.

Now, you are ready to make a name for yourself in Destiny 2!

How do you feel about Bungie limiting the number of times players can change their names? Let me know in the comments!

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