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When just starting out in Destiny 2, it can be difficult to know which Class to pick first, as there isn’t much information to go off of from the character creation menu.

We will give an in-depth explanation of what you can expect from each Class to help you better decide which one suits your playstyle.

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As a beginner in Destiny 2, Titan is a great, simple option to get you started. Hunter will provide you with a wider range of gameplay styles. Warlock is a good choice for players who want to play a support role.

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What Class to Play as a Beginner in Destiny 2

When you first load into Destiny 2, you will be given the choice of three Classes, Titan, Hunter, and Warlock.

While experienced players will swap between the Classes regularly, deciding what Class to choose first is important, as you will spend a lot of time on this Class.

To maximize your enjoyment, it is important to first figure out what Class best suits your playstyle.

We’ve prepared detailed descriptions of how you can expect each of the Classes to play in the early game, as well as a few reasons why you might want to stick with them in the late game.


You can’t go wrong with Titan. This Class has some of the most versatile skill sets in the game, giving you an answer to just about any problem. Usually, the answer involves punching.

Titan is a very reliable and tanky Class, giving you abilities that keep you and your Fireteam alive while plowing through enemies with Shoulder Charges.

The Titan’s Barricade allows you to create cover whenever needed, giving you a break from the fight to heal back up before engaging enemies.

This is great for solo content and will help you immensely throughout your campaign missions.

It is also a very powerful tool in PvP, letting you revive teammates who died out in the open and denying space for your enemies.

The Titan has a forgiving Jump ability that shouldn’t feel too awkward to new players. Once you get used to it, you will learn that you can even skate around with it to gain some decent speed.

PvE Titan

You can never have too many Titans in PvE. Titans have access to a large variety of Super abilities that make them a great asset to any Fireteam.

Ward of Dawn is a much-needed damage buff that will serve you well through the early game with protection and carry you through the late game by shredding bosses.

Thundercrash is one of the most powerful one-shot Super abilities in the game when paired with the Cuirass of the Falling Star Exotic chest piece, insta-killing many lost sector bosses and public event bosses while dealing an insane amount of damage to Raid bosses.

Hammer of Sol is a great Super for clearing large hordes of enemies while creating Sunspots that you can use to regenerate health. It also comes with one of the most fun melee abilities in Throwing Hammer.

You should pick Titan as your first Class if you enjoy playing as a tank and surviving when you really shouldn’t be.

PvP Titan

If you are interested in entering The Crucible, you will be glad you chose a Titan. It is a simple Class, relying on passive enhancements and lots of punching.

Titan is currently the strongest PvP Class in the game, specifically Arc Titan.

The amount of utility your Aspects and Fragments give you in the neutral game, combined with the best PvP Super ability, Thundercrash, makes this Class truly stand out.

The best part is that Titan isn’t a mechanically challenging Class to pick up.

You will find success in using your Barricade to support teammates and your Catapult Lift to quickly move around the map while your punches, ability regeneration, and resistances are all passively enhanced.

You should pick Titan as your PvP Class if you enjoy punching enemies and winning.


Hunter fulfills the power fantasy of run-and-gun space cowboy, giving you an excellent choice of playstyles that are all fun to play and very viable in a wide range of content.

If you are coming from more traditional first-person shooter games like Halo or Apex Legends, then you will feel right at home on Hunter.

One of the perks of starting out with a Hunter is that you have a normal double jump ability that feels similar to any other shooter game. No flying, no gliding, just simple jumping.

Your Dodge ability can quickly get you into cover when in a sticky situation while simultaneously reloading your weapon, keeping a nice flow to gun fights.

PvE Hunter

If you plan on playing a lot of solo content, Hunter is a good pick. They have a very well-rounded set of skills, meaning you will have a great option for any activity.

Using the Void subclass, you can Tether hordes of enemies with your Shadowshot Super while applying a debuff that is great for DPS. You will also always have the option of going invisible at the first sign of danger.

That’s not to say that Hunters are not a team player. While they are lacking in support for the team, they make up for it with some of the highest damaging Super abilities in the game that will keep them on top of the damage charts in any encounter.

Golden Gun is the go-to DPS choice for newer players and will easily deal with many of the early-game bosses. This is a very beginner-friendly Super to run and even has an infinite-ammo add-clearing mode in Deadshot.

You’ll have access to multiple Throwing Knives that are both powerful and satisfying to use.

Once you unlock the Celestial Nighthawk Exotic head armor piece, your Golden Gun will become a monster DPS Super that will serve you well into the late game as well.

Arc Strider is a great roaming Super that you can use to clear out sections of enemies without fear of dying.

Later on, once you unlock the Star-Eater Scales Exotic legs, you will have access to the single highest DPS Super in the game with Gathering Storm.

You should pick Hunter as your first Class if you enjoy big damage and familiar gameplay.

PvP Hunter

In PvP, just about every Hunter subclass is viable. You have access to many build options that you can fine-tune to better suit your playstyle.

You can easily flank enemies using invisibility for a surprise attack when running Void. This will take you off of the radar and make you harder to spot.

Solar gives you access to trip mines and throwing knives that are both potent and stylish, with many Exotic pieces enhancing them even further.

You will also have access to Blade Barrage, one of the best shutdown Supers in PvP.

Arc, much like Arc Titan, enhances your neutral game giving you a speed boost, damage resistance while dodging, and blinding your enemies when punching them.

You should pick Hunter as your PvP Class if you enjoy a more stylish approach to combat.


Warlocks are the wizards of Destiny 2, using their expansive selection of grenades, healing abilities, and ranged melee attacks to deal with enemies.

New players may have a hard time adjusting to the Warlock’s Gliding Jump ability. It will take some practice to get used to the momentum-based movement. If you can get past this hurdle, the rest of your kit is a blast.

Your Rift ability will provide you with much-needed healing and damage boosts.

The Warlock has one of the longest-ranged melees in the game. This goes for both their uncharged melee and their melee abilities.

PvE Warlock

In PvE, you will almost never see a Fireteam without at least one Warlock. They are a pivotal addition to the team.

Warlocks primarily take on a support role when in a Fireteam, using Healing Rifts and healing grenades to keep everyone alive.

The most common subclass you will see a Warlock using is Solar.

The Well of Radiance is a mainstay PvE Super that is basically mandatory for most of the game’s challenging encounters, providing the team with near-invincibility while inside the Well, along with a huge boost to damage.

Enhance your Well by pairing it with either the Lunafaction Boots Exotic leg armor or the Phoenix Protocol Exotic chest armor.

You also have the choice of using Dawnblade to clear out waves of enemies if that is a concern.

Your Arc subclass greatly enhances your grenade usage, chaining damage from enemy to enemy for efficient add clear. The Chaos Reach Super is versatile as both a DPS tool and a wave-clearing Super.

Void will give you much more sustainability with Devour healing you on every enemy kill.

Your Super ability, Nova Bomb, can deal quite a bit of damage and even take out entire waves of adds if needed.

You should pick Warlock as your first Class if you enjoy playing a more supportive role for your team.

PvP Warlock

In PvP, Warlock has long been one of the top choices for mobility, survivability, and clutch opportunity. While all of the subclasses can be used in PvP, there is one that stands out.

Dawnblade gives you access to one of the best movement abilities in the game, Icarus Dash, letting you air dodge at a moment’s notice to change directions mid-fight.

You can chain Icarus Dash with your Gliding jump ability to get around the map faster than the other two Classes.

Aside from the obvious choice of Solar, Warlock has some pretty unique builds that transform the way you use your grenades. Be sure to experiment with Arc and Void for some variety.

You should pick Warlock as your PvP Class if you enjoy fast-paced movement and the ability to take on the entire enemy team alone.

I hope this guide helps you decide which Class to start out on when playing Destiny 2.

Let me know in the comments what Class you pick!

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