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For many Guardians, Destiny 2 is just as much a fashion show as it is a looter-shooter, with an abundance of Ornaments and Shaders that allow players to express themselves.

We will go through the steps it takes to unlock transmoging as well as how to transmog your armor.

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To transmog your armor in Destiny 2, use Ornaments and Shaders to change the appearance of your armor pieces. Before you can do this, you need to unlock the Loom through the Armor Synthesis Introduction quest, complete bounties from Ada-1 to unlock Synthweave, and use Synthweave in the Appearance Customization tab to unlock Ornaments.

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How to Unlock Transmog

Before you can begin blinging out your Guardian, you will need to unlock access to the Loom.

To do this, you will need to pick up the Armor Synthesis Introduction quest. Banshee-44 should have it in the Tower.

If you are a new player and can’t find the quest, it may be hiding behind some New Light missions first. Be sure to complete any New Light quests you have before moving forward.

Bungie has recently reworked some of its leveling systems for new players to make the game less confusing.

If you still can’t find the quest, it may be locked behind your Journey rank. Try to get your Journey rank to 4 or 5 if Banshee-44 still doesn’t have the quest for you.

Once you have acquired the quest, you will then need to visit Ada-1 in the Tower Annex, near the Drifter.

After speaking with Ada-1, head to Europa and follow the waypoints to the BrayTech processor. Bring the processor back to Ada-1 and connect it to the Loom.

This should unlock access to the Loom, opening up a world of ornamental possibilities.

How to Get Armor Synthesis Materials

After unlocking the Loom, Ada-1 will have some bounties for you. These bounties reward Armor Synthesis Materials that you will need in order to unlock ornaments.

You can only complete 10 Ada-1 bounties per character per Season. These bounties are available for every activity, so go ahead and pick one that suits what you want to play.

Once you complete an Ada-1 bounty, you will want to head to the Loom and turn in your reward. This will grant you 1 Synthweave for your chosen class.

What is Synthweave?

Synthweave is used to unlock Ornaments that you can equip to your armor to change its appearance.

Synthweave Strap is used for Hunter Ornaments, Synthweave Plate for Titans, and Synthweave Bolt for Warlocks.

You can hold a maximum of 15 Synthweaves per class at a time.

Every 1 bounty you complete for Ada-1 will give you enough materials to purchase another Synthweave from the Loom, meaning you can get 10 additional Synthweaves every Season per character.

After completing the quest to unlock the Loom, you should be granted 5 of each Synthweave, just enough to unlock a complete outfit!

How to Transmog Armor in Destiny 2

To transmog your armor, head to the Appearance Customization menu, found in the bottom menu of your Character tab.

Here, you will see all of your currently equipped armor pieces, as well as what Shaders and Ornaments are applied, if any.

Click on an armor piece to begin transmogging it.

Here, you will see all of the Shaders and Ornaments available to you, including any that you haven’t unlocked yet. You will unlock new Ornaments and Shaders through the Eververse Store and Seasonal Pass Tiers.

Ornaments change the form of your armor, transmogging it to look like another piece of armor. Shaders change the color of your armor.

When used in combination with Ornaments, you can create some very fashionable Guardians.

You can right-click on any Shader or Ornament to preview it. Once you find a combination that you like, you can Apply it by left-clicking on it. This is free for any Shaders and Ornaments you already have unlocked.

If you find an Ornament that you really like that is locked, you can spend 1 Synthweave material to unlock it permanently. Remember that you have a limited number of Synthweave materials per Season, so choose wisely!

If you find an outfit that you really like, you can save it to a Loadout. After Applying your Shaders and Ornaments, head back to the top menu in your Character tab.

Press the left arrow key to open up the Loadout selection. Click on any of the empty spots to save your current Loadout. Now, you can quickly change between your favorite outfits on the fly!

Exotic Ornaments

Sadly, Exotic armor pieces do not follow the same rules when it comes to transmoging.

Exotic armor pieces have a set number of Ornaments that they can use. These Ornaments are often tied to the Eververse Store and sold for either Silver or Bright Dust.

Be sure to check the Everserse Store every week and see what Ornaments are available.

You can, luckily, use any Shader you want on Exotic armor. This means you can still match the color scheme with the rest of your outfit.

Now you are ready to really stand out from your Fireteam!

What Ornament sets have you been using this Season? Are there any Shaders you believe are underrated? Let me know in the comments!

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