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Revision Zero is a very unique Exotic weapon that had many players excited with its release.

Now that it is back in the game, players need to know how they can unlock it and all of its additional upgrades.

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This guide will go over how to unlock Revision Zero, its Catalysts, and some of the best god rolls for crafting.

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How to Get Revision Zero in Destiny 2

Some of the most powerful Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 are obtained through Exotic Quests. The same is true for Revision Zero.

The Exotic Quest for Revision Zero was originally added to the game back in the Season of the Seraph and later removed from the game. It has recently been added back to the game as one of the weekly rotating Exotic Missions.

To begin the mission, head to your Directory and select the Legends tab. Here, you will see all of the reprised Raids added to the game, along with the weekly featured Raid, Dungeon, and rotating Exotic Mission.

You will need to wait until Operation: Seraph Shield is selected as the weekly rotating mission. It is currently one of three options, meaning you will need to wait at most two weeks until it is back on rotation.

It is worth noting that you will need to own the Witch Queen Expansion in order to launch Operation: Seraph Shield.

You can check out our guide on What Expansions/DLC to Buy to see if the Witch Queen Expansion is right for you.

Once Operation: Seraph Shield is active, you may begin the mission either alone or with a Fireteam. This mission is not easy and getting a couple of friends to help you out is a good idea.

There are two difficulty settings for this mission, with both difficulties rewarding you with Revision Zero. We recommend starting with the easier difficulty for your first run to unlock the weapon.

After your first completion of the Operation: Seraph Shield mission, you will be rewarded with a red-boarder Revision Zero, giving you access to the crafting pattern for this Exotic weapon.

Revision Zero was one of the first craftable Exotic weapons added to the game.

It comes with a lot of customization options with different Perks and Traits to choose from. In order to unlock these Perks you will need to first unlock the Revision Zero Catalysts.

How to Get Revision Zero Traits and Catalysts

After visiting the Enclave and beginning the crafting process for your Revision Zero, you may notice that there are many Perks and Intrinsic Traits that are not unlocked yet.

These Traits are acquired through additional runs of the Operation: Seraph Shield mission.

Every completion of the Operation: Seraph Shield will reward you with an Intrinsic upgrade for Revision Zero. This is true for both Normal and Legendary difficulty runs.

There are four Intrinsic Traits that can be unlocked, with Hunter’s Trace I being unlocked along with the weapon on your first completion of the mission.

Hunter’s Trace II, Hunter’s Trace III, and Hunter’s Trace IV each provide more crafting options for Revision Zero.

Hunter’s Trace II will unlock additional Barrel options, while Hunter’s Trace III unlocks new Traits. These Traits include Eye of the Storm, Perpetual Motion, Elemental Capacitor, Slickdraw, and Vorpal Weapon.

Hunter’s Trace IV will unlock additional Stock options. These Stocks allow you to fine-tune the Stability, recoil, and Handling of Revision Zero.

To unlock all of these Intrinsic Traits, you would need to complete the Operation: Seraph Shield mission mission four times on Normal Difficulty.

How to Get Revision Zero Catalysts

Revision Zero is special in that it has four unique Catalyst options. Each Catalyst can be acquired by completing the Operation: Seraph Shield mission on Legendary difficulty.

Each Catalyst provides the weapon with a unique Perk. These Perks include Frenzy Refit, Pressurized Refit, Outlaw Refit, and 4-Timer Refit.

Again, it will take four completions of the Operation: Seraph Shield mission on Legendary difficulty to unlock all of the Catalysts.

Just like every other Exotic weapon Catalyst in the game, you will need to get kills with Revision Zero to fully unlock these Perks for crafting.

Is Revision Zero Worth It?

Revision Zero is a 450RPM Exotic Pulse Rifle. It comes with the Intrinsic Perk Hunter’s Trace, giving the weapon shield-piecing rounds and the ability to stun Barrier Champions.

Hunter’s Trace also allows the weapon to swap between Pulse Rifle Mode and Sniper Rifle Mode. Landing precision shots with Pulse Rifle Mode will load high-damage Sniper Rounds for use after swapping to Sniper Rifle Mode.

The weapon also comes with two Perk options, Häkke Light Burst Fire and Häkke Heavy Burst Fire.

Häkke Light Burst Fire causes the weapon to fire a fast and stable four-burst round, while Häkke Heavy Burst Fire will fire two slower, less stable, high-damage shots that have an increased effective range.

After unlocking all of the additional Perks and Traits for this weapon, crafting will let players create a curated Primary weapon for any type of situation.

Players have found an amazing DPS option using Fourth-Time’s the Charm and Vorpal Weapon, causing Sniper Rifle Rounds to reload shots back into the magazine for tons of damage.

This Perk combination creates a Champion-killing machine with shield-piercing rounds and heavy-hitting Sniper shots and makes for a good source of endgame damage when you are out of Special and Heavy ammo for killing Bosses.

For PvP, players have the option of choosing either Elemental Capacitor or Perpetual Motion for general Handling and Stability or Eye of the Storm for long-range maps.

Feeding Frenzy and Outlaw are both good picks for faster reload times as well.

You will have plenty of good Barrel, Magazine, and Stock options to further customize the weapon for your play style. Most players will find themselves trying to max out Stability and Handling for the best recoil control.

Overall, Revision Zero is a very powerful tool for PvE activities and a community favorite for PvP due to its customizability. This is definitely a weapon you will want to try out.

You are now ready to go and unlock your very own Revision Zero!

Are you excited to try out this weapon? What Perk combination will you be using? Let me know in the comments!

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