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Destiny 2 has always been a stylish game, both in terms of fashion and gameplay. Finishers are another way that Destiny 2 allows players to show off their sense of style during their gaming sessions.

Let’s go over what finishers are and how you can use them to destroy your enemies in new and interesting ways.

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To use a finisher in Destiny 2, get close to an enemy that is low on health and press the finisher key.

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What Is a Finisher?

With the addition of the Shadowkeep Expansion, a new type of ability was added to Destiny 2 in the form of finishers.

Finisher moves function very similarly to the signature finishing moves in the Mortal Kombat series, both in terms of function and flair.

Finisher moves allow players to take out enemies that are nearly dead with a single press of a button, ending them in style.

Finishers will lock you and your enemy into an animation for a brief moment while you take them out in efficient and flashy ways.

Aside from being a cool way to finish off your enemies, there are actually quite a few reasons why you would want to use finishers regularly.

While inside the finisher animation, you will take reduced incoming damage from enemies, which can come in clutch during a close-call in close-quarters.

Finishers also have many Armor Mods and Artifact Mods that enhance their potency.

Some Mods will grant you an overshield or invisibility after performing a finisher, while others will create ammo bricks and Orbs of Power for you and your teammates.

Finishers also allow you to take out Major and Champion enemies while saving on ammo reserves.

Enemies with larger health will be finishable sooner than Minor enemies, letting you skip a big portion of their health bar with a click of a button.

This makes finishers an important tool in your Loadout that should always be taken into consideration when engaging low-health enemies.

How to Use Finishers in Destiny 2

Many players have no clue how to do finishers, as the game doesn’t do a very good job at explaining this to newer players.

First, you will want to make sure that the finisher key is bound to your keyboard or controller, as it can often be unbound by default.

Once you have your finisher key bound, you are ready to take out your enemies in style. You will notice that when you get an enemy low on health, you will see a yellow circle icon appear above their head.

This icon indicates that the enemy’s health is low enough for you to use your finisher move. Finishers can only be used while you are close to your enemies.

While you don’t have to be in melee range to use your finisher, you will have to get fairly close to your enemy to begin the execution.

Pressing the finisher button while in range will cause your character to dart at the enemy, beginning the finisher animation and killing them once the animation is over.

The distance that a finisher activation covers can be used to dodge enemy attacks and get to cover quickly.

There is no cooldown on finishers, so you can chain them together when faced with a group of enemies who are all low health and safely take them out one by one.

How to Get Finishers

Each of the three Classes will start out with their own unique finisher move unlocked and equipped. Since the addition of finishers, many new and creative finishers have been added to the game.

New finishers can be unlocked just like you would unlock any cosmetic in Destiny 2 by purchasing them.

Some finishers are rewarded from the Season Pass after reaching a certain Tier, while others can be claimed from rank-up rewards and Challenges.

The majority of finisher moves will be acquired through the Eververse Store. Finishers, just like Ornaments and Shaders, are purchased using either Silver, Destiny 2’s premium currency or Bright Dust.

Bright Dust can be earned through various Challenges and Bounties and is the only way free-to-play players can unlock items from the Eververse Store.

You will find different finisher moves for sale every week when the Everserse Store refreshes.

There are plenty of Seasonal finishers and Expansion-specific finishers that are always available for sale in the Everserse Store, though these usually require Silver to purchase.

You can browse all of the finishers you have unlocked in your Collections tab under the Flair section.

You can have a total of nine finishers equipped to your character at a time. When you use your finisher move, it will randomly choose one of these nine finishers to perform.

To swap out what finishers you have equipped, head to your Finishers selection under your Character menu.

Here, you can preview your equipped finishers and also Store them, putting them back into your collections and removing them from your equipped finishers.

To equip finishers, browse your Finishers Collection and Reacquire the finisher you want to use. This will send it to your equipped finishers and add it to the pool of finishers you can perform.

If you only want to use a specific finisher every time you use your finisher move, you can remove all but one finisher from your equipped finishers.

That’s everything you need to know about finishers in Destiny 2!

What are your favorite finisher moves in Destiny 2? Are there any specific ones that you enjoy using regularly? Let me know in the comments!

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