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The Queen’s Court is a hidden area inside of the Dreaming City where players can speak with Mara Sov. Getting inside of the Queen’s Court is not easy.

In this guide, we will cover all of the requirements needed for you to visit the Queen’s Court.

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To visit the Queen’s Court in Destiny 2, acquire an Offering to the Oracle from Petra Venj before heading to the Oracle Engine to open the portal to the Queen’s Court.

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How to Visit the Queen’s Court in Destiny 2

Back when Forsaken was initially launched, the Dreaming City was the location to be in for weekly story updates and new missions.

Players would get a nice lore update every time they visited Mara Sov inside of the Queen’s Court.

Getting there was the tricky part, however. The door to the Queen’s Court was not active every week.

The Dreaming City is cursed, with Taken energy spreading through the area. Every week this energy would grow and infect more of the Dreaming City.

This curse operates on a repeating three-week cycle, with the final weak seeing the curse at its strongest before resetting back to normal. It is during this final week of the cycle that you are allowed attendance at the Queen’s Court.

Before making the journey to see the Queen, you will need an Offering to the Oracle in order to open the portal. This Offering is obtained from the Gateway Between Worlds Weekly Bounty from Petra Venj.

The Bounty can be obtained from Petra Venj during any week of the curse cycle. To complete the Bounty, you will need to complete Blind Well runs.

Higher Tiers of Blind Well completions will grant more progress toward your Bounty. You can purchase Tier III Charges of Light from Petra Venj to upgrade the Tier of the Blind Well activity.

Head to the Blind Well and after a few high-tier completions, you should have your Bounty ready to be turned in. You will want to hold onto your Bounty until it is the third week of the curse cycle.

A good indicator of this is to check your Map and see which of the three areas Petra Venj is currently located in. You will know that the curse is at its strongest when Petra is in Rheasilvia.

Any time during this week, you can turn in your Bounty to obtain the Offering to the Oracle. You are now ready to visit the Queen’s Court.

To get to the Queen’s Court, load into the Divalian Mists Landing Zone and head north until you find a fork in the road. The right path will lead towards Rheasilvia, while the left path leads to the Spine of Keres.

Take the left path and continue forward until you enter the large tower containing the Oracle Engine. Go up the winding stairs to get to the second platform the juts into the center of the tower.

Here, you will find the interactable Oracle, along with a Techeun alerting you that the Queen is no longer present in her court. Present your offering to the Oracle, and a chest will appear in front of you.

This chest is available regardless of what week you present your offering. If you present it on the third week of the curse cycle, the Oracle Engine will rotate and create a stepping stone for you towards the center where a portal opens up.

Stepping into this portal will teleport you into the Queen’s Court. Here, you will receive an additional chest.

While this process was necessary to forward your story missions during the Forsaken release, there are fewer reasons to be visiting the Queen’s Court today.

The main reason to go to the Queen’s Court now is to complete Triumphs. The Truth to Power Triumph was required to unlock the Chronicler Title, which is now vaulted.

There are other Triumphs that require you to visit this area. These are, of course, optional and only meant for players who are attempting to fill out their Triumph score.

There is a hidden Ahamkara Bone inside of the Queen’s Court that you can get to after a little jumping puzzle. Other than this, there is no mandatory reason to return to the Queen’s Court just yet.

This is how you get into the Queen’s Court. The process is long and not nearly worth the effort today.

Why do you want to visit the Queen’s Court? Let me know in the comments!

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