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The Veil is a key component to the Destiny 2 storyline that spans far back into the ongoing lore of the game and is referenced throughout the Lightfall campaign.

We will be going over everything we currently know about the Veil. There will be spoilers for the Lightfall campaign ahead. Let’s get started!

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The Veil is the source of Darkness power in Destiny 2, which is linked to the Traveler and is located on Neptune. It can be used to control the Traveler’s power and shape reality.

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What is the Veil in Destiny 2?

The Veil, being one of the main priorities of the Lightfall Campaign, was very much shrouded in mystery.

Even after seeing it in person during the final fight with Calus, it is never fully explained what it is or what it can do.

After the Collapse, Maya Sundaresh and her wife, Chioma Esi, went to Neptune and established the city of Neo Muna. There, they found the Veil waiting for them.

Starting with Season of the Deep, players got to experience a very brief cutscene that spoke on the origin of the Traveler, the Veil, and The Witness, answering many questions that players have been asking for years now while simultaneously creating more.

This cutscene explains that the Veil is a paracausal being just like the Traveler, referred to in deeper lore bits as “The Winnower”.

It is linked to the Traveler, referred to as “The Gardener”, and may be able to harness the Traveler’s power and control it, shaping reality itself.

The Witness looks to bring the Veil and the Traveler together in order to bring about their idea of the Final Shape. When the Witness attempted to bring the Veil and the Traveler together, the Traveler fled.

Along with this cutscene, much of our knowledge of the Veil comes from the Veil Containment Logs that have been updated weekly in the game.

You can visit Veil Containment on Neptune and interact with a computer that will give you a new weekly dialogue from Chioma Esi, who is observing the Veil.

These logs explain that anyone who touches the Veil loses all sense of consciousness, making it very difficult to observe.

Exos who come too close to the Veil experience many helucinagenic symptoms that can unravel their minds.

The Veil is the source of Darkness, the power that can be obtained through thought and consciousness. It is believed that the Veil is a web of consciousness that connects all beings together.

Those who study this connection are able to call upon the powers of Strand and weave the web.

We know that Strand can be used on planets very far away from the Veil, showing us that its reach and the web of consciousness spans far beyond just Neptune.

Physically speaking, the Veil looks similar to a tree, with roots that spread beneath a lush canopy. At the top of this tree, there is a cascading array of lights and images.

It has no mass and no weight, floating in place. While not nearly as large as the Traveler, the Veil is still massive, requiring an entire underground facility to be built around it just to observe it.

You can still visit the Veil after completing the Lightfall campaign by visiting the Veil Containment area on Neptune near the bottom left of the map.

We will surely learn more about how the Veil works with the upcoming Final Shape Expansion, which directly references the Wintess’ plan to use the Veil and control reality.

This is a basic rundown of what the Veil is and the part it plays in the current story of Destiny 2.

Are there any key points you believe I have missed about the Veil? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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