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When slashing through enemies in Diablo 4, you’ll quickly fill up your inventory with various gear, most of which you do not need.

One of the things you can do with dropped gear, instead of selling it, is to salvage it for various materials.

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To salvage items and weapons in Diablo 4, go to a Blacksmith in a nearby town, go to the “SALVAGE” tab, and either click the pickaxe icon and then the items you wish to salvage in your inventory or use the “Salvage by item quality” buttons on the left side.

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How to salvage gear in Diablo 4

You’ll quickly notice just how fast you can fill your inventory with dropped gear in Diablo 4 as you progress through the game.

There are two main things you can do with unwanted gear besides dropping it again – selling it to an NPC and salvaging it.

Salvaging gear breaks down (deletes) the selected item or weapon and, in turn, gives you various crafting and upgrading materials.

Here are the steps to salvaging gear in Diablo 4:

  1. Go to a Blacksmith NPC in the nearest town, indicated by the anvil icon
  2. Click the pickaxe icon under “Directly in Inventory” in the Blacksmith window
  3. With the pickaxe selected, click the gear in your inventory on the right side you wish to salvage
  4. After clicking an item or weapon to salvage, it will be destroyed, and you will receive materials

You can see what the Blacksmith icon looks like on the map in the image below.

Diablo 4 Blacksmith Icon for Salvaging

Alternatively, you can click one of the buttons under “Salvage by item quality”, which allows you to salvage all items and weapons in your inventory of a specific rarity in just one click. Be sure that you don’t accidentally salvage something you need before doing this.

What materials and quantity you receive from salvaging an item or weapon depends both on the level of the item or weapon and the rarity.

In Kyovashad, the Blacksmith is located on the right side of the town, but most towns in the game have one, so open the map and look for the anvil icon.

That’s how to salvage gear in Diablo 4!

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