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All classes in Diablo 4 can use various weapons within the same category, with some classes being able to use completely different types of weapons, like the rogue having both bows and crossbows and daggers and swords.

If you play a class that has skills that require different types of weapons, you might have wondered how to change weapons in the game.

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In Diablo 4, you automatically swap weapons when you use an ability that requires a different type of weapon than the one your character is currently holding. There is no button or hotkey to manually swap weapons in the game.

The Barbarian class is special when it comes to using different weapons, as you can choose what type of weapon you wish to use for some abilities. You can choose what weapon to use for these abilities in the Skills menu.

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How to change weapons in Diablo 4

If you play a class like the Rogue in Diablo 4, you’ll quickly notice that you’re carrying two completely different types of weapons – a bow and daggers, in this case, and you’ll also quickly notice that you have separate skills for these two.

Many players naturally wonder how to swap weapons because of this.

To swap weapons in Diablo 4, you simply have to use an ability, which requires a different type of weapon than the one that you are currently holding, and you’re character will automatically swap weapons instantly.

For example, if you’re playing a Rogue and currently have your daggers in your hands, you can swap to your bow by using a skill that requires a ranged weapon, like Rapid Fire.

An exception to how the weapon-swapping system works in Diablo 4 is the Barbarian class.

As a Barbarian, you have many gear slots for different types of melee-based weapons, and you have many skills that require you to use one of these types of weapons.

Like the other classes, the Barbarian will automatically swap to the different weapons it has when you use specific skills. However, the Barbarian has the unique option to choose what type of weapon it wants to use for some of its skills.

To change what weapon you wish to use for skills that allow you to choose yourself as a Barbarian, open the skills menu by pressing “S”, hover over the skills you wish to change weapon type for, and click the middle mouse button (click down the scroll wheel). You can also change it for skills in your skill bar at the bottom of the screen with the middle mouse button.

If you wish to take a picture of your character holding a specific weapon, you’ll have to use a skill that requires the weapon you wish to hold. Your character will then hold it until you use a skill that requires a different weapon.

That’s how to swap weapons in Diablo 4!

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