Diablo 4 – Where Can You Sell Gear and Items?

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Being an Action RPG where you slay hordes of mobs constantly, you’ll quickly fill up your bag in Diablo 4 with gear dropped from enemies.

One of the things you can do to clear your bag is sell the items for gold. Here is where you can sell gear in the game.

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You can sell gear and items in Diablo 4 by visiting a vendor NPC in any town, specifically the Weapons, Armor, or Accessory sellers, and right-clicking the items you wish to sell in your inventory in the bottom-right corner. You can see how much each item sells for by hovering over it.

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How to sell gear and items in Diablo 4

Playing Diablo 4, you’ll quickly fill up your entire inventory with gear and items from defeating enemies, though you will mostly get pieces of gear.

To clear up your inventory, you can sell the gear and items in return for gold, which is a useful currency in the game, needed for upgrading and other purposes.

To sell gear or items in Diablo 4, head to a vendor and right-click the pieces of gear or items you wish to sell in your inventory on the right side.

The three different types of vendors where you can sell gear and items for gold are:

  • Weapons Vendor
  • Armor Vendor
  • Accessory Vendor

To find one of these vendors, open the map and look for the amulet, weapons, or armor icons, as shown in the image below.

Diablo 4 Weapon Armor and Accessory Vendor Icons on Map

These vendors can be found in almost every town in the game, at least the larger ones.

You can sell all gear for gold to vendors, but you cannot sell all items to them. They only accept consumable items, not things like Materials.

If you regret selling a specific piece of gear, you can purchase it back from the same vendor in the “BUYBACK” section of the vendor window at the bottom.

The price to buy back an item you’ve sold to the vendor is the exact same as what you received for selling it, meaning that you do not lose any gold doing it.

That’s where to sell items and gear in Diablo 4!

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