Diablo 4 – Renown System Guide: How to Get, Rewards, Etc.

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Most RPG games have some sort of progression or achievement system that awards players for exploring, discovering, and completing various tasks and areas of the game.

In Diablo 4, this system is called the Renown system, and you will quickly stumble upon it by playing the game, as you’ll earn Renown points from time to time by simply playing the game normally.

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At the beginning of the game, you might not know what these Renown points do or how you even obtained them. This guide will answer those questions for you.

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What is Renown and how does it work?

The Renown system in Diablo 4 is the game’s progression system, which tracks how much of the game’s content you’ve completed and rewards you based on your progress in each zone in the world of Sanctuary.

By obtaining Renown points from discovering areas of each zone and completing various objectives, you fill up your Renown progress.

When you reach a new Renown milestone in a zone, also known as a region, you receive rewards. The higher the milestone you reach in a zone, the better the rewards.

You can open the Renown menu by opening the map by pressing “M” or “Tab” and then pressing “W” to see your current Renown progress, what rewards you will get at each milestone, and the objectives you’ve yet to complete in the current zone.

The system works similarly to exploration or achievement systems in other RPGs and not only allows you to “finish” each zone properly but also gives you the opportunity to make yourself stronger through alternative methods than grinding and obtaining stronger gear.

How to get Renown in Diablo 4

There are 6 different ways to get Renown points in Diablo 4 in each Zone. They are as follows:

  • Claiming new waypoints = 20 Renown
  • Discovering new areas = 5 Renown
  • Defeating strongholds = 100 Renown
  • Completing side dungeons = 30 Renown
  • Completing side quests = 20 Renown
  • Interacting with Altars of Lilith = 10 Renown

These are all things that you can find and do around the world of Sanctuary in each zone in the game.

There are several of each Renown objective in every zone. You can see how many of a specific objective you’ve completed out of the total inside the Renown menu.

For example, in the Fractured Peaks zone, there are 77 areas to discover, adding up to a total of 385 Renown you can earn from discovering all of them.

You automatically get the Renown when you complete a Renown objective in the game.

Diablo 4 Obtaining Renown Points from Altar of Lilith

In the image above, for example, you can see that I automatically got “+10 Fractured Peaks Renown” after claiming a new Altar of Lilith.

The more Renown an objective gives, the fewer of them there are to complete, with the Stronghold giving 100 Renown per completion, but there only being 3 Strongholds in Fractured Peaks.

Are Renown progress and rewards shared across the account?

Yes, most of the progress that you complete and rewards that you obtain in the Renown system in Diablo 4 are shared across the entire account.

Inside the Renown menu, you can see what rewards are shared across the entire account when obtained and which ones are for the individual character that you are currently playing.

To the left of each milestone reward, there is an icon with either one person or three people, indicating whether they are for the individual character or the entire account. The milestones with an icon with three lines indicate that they can first be obtained when you’ve unlocked World Tier 3.

All the most important rewards that you can obtain from the Renown system are shared across the entire account. These include Skill Points, extra Potion Charges, higher max Obols capacity, and Paragon Points.

The individual rewards include Bonus XP and Gold.

Rewards you can obtain from the Renown system

Here are all the rewards you can obtain by completing Renown milestones in Diablo 4:

  • Bonus XP
  • Gold
  • Skill Points
  • +Max Potion Capacity
  • +Max Murmuring Obols
  • Paragon Points

Once you’ve reached a new Renown milestone in a zone, you can claim the rewards for that milestone by clicking the “CLAIM” button right above the completed milestone.

How many renown levels are there?

There are 5 Renown levels, also known as tiers or milestones, in each zone in the world of Diablo 4.

After reaching a new Renown level, you unlock its rewards.

That’s everything you need to know about the Renown system in Diablo 4!

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