Diablo 4 – Raising Spirits: How to Cheer at Training Militia

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One of the first quests you can do after reaching Kyovashad in Diablo 4 is the sidequest from Guard Boza, “Raising Spirits”.

In the Raising Spirits quest, you need to “Cheer at the training militia”. Although the quest sounds simple enough, it can cause trouble because you need to know the keybindings of Diablo 4.

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To use the cheer emote and complete the quest, walk up to the training militia right above Guard Boza, press “E” to open the emote wheel, scroll up on your mouse once, and then press “Cheer”. Your character now cheers the militia, and you’ve completed the quest.

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How to cheer at the training militia in Diablo 4

When you start playing a new game, you need to get used to the keybindings and ways to maneuver around the UI. This can cause some issues when trying to complete even simple quests.

One of the first quests that many players get confused by in Diablo 4 is “Raising Spirits”, where you need to “Cheer at the training militia”.

While the quest is very straightforward, you need to know how to maneuver the emote menu to complete it.

To use the Cheer emote in Diablo 4 to Cheer at the training militia, you need to press “E” on your keyboard, scroll up on the mouse wheel once, and then select the Cheer emote.

Diablo 4 Cheer Emote in Emote Wheel

Once you’ve used the emote in front of the training militia, who are located right above Guard Boza, the NPC who gave you the quest, you’ve completed it.

The emote wheel has three tabs, as there are more emotes and buttons than can fit in just one tab.

You can use the Customize button to add more or move already assigned emotes and buttons to other tabs if you have a more convenient way of organizing them.

That’s how to cheer at the training militia in Diablo 4 to complete the Raising Spirits quest!

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