Diablo 4 – What Is the Best Solo Class?

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Diablo games are fantastic to play alone, as you get to slash through enemies and build your character at your own pace, and you can do the same in Diablo 4.

The developers have said several times that the entire Diablo 4 game can be played solo, which is perfect for players who wish to test their skills on their own.

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If you wish to take on the game alone, you might be wondering what the best classes to do so are – so here are our recommendations.

The best classes for playing solo in Diablo 4 are Necromancer and Sorcerer. The Necromancer has fantastic survivability with its summonings and skillset, while the Sorcerer is a well-rounded class with powerful ranged attacks, mobility, and great defensive abilities.

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Best solo classes in Diablo 4

While Diablo games are fun to play with friends, they are also some of the best games to play solo, as you can mindlessly slash through hordes of enemies.

As many players prefer to play solo in Diablo, it’s only natural that many players want to know what class is the best for soloing in Diablo 4.

The Necromancer and Sorcerer class are the two best solo classes in Diablo 4, both packing great power and survivability, as well as useful abilities to take on enemies alone.

The Sorcerer class is not only ranged but also has great mobility and several powerful defensive abilities to protect itself, as well as crowd control to keep enemies in check. On top of that, the Sorcerer has one of the highest DPS potentials in the game, making it one of the best classes in Diablo 4.

While the Necromancer is both melee and doesn’t have much mobility, it has a very unique skill set that is well-suited for solo gameplay. You’ll walk around with a large army of skeletons and have great damage and sustainability on top of already great defensive stats.

While the two classes listed above have advantages over the others at soloing, you can play solo as any class in the game, as the developers have balanced the different classes well. Your ability to solo content in the game also heavily depends on how you build your character.

Some classes, though, like the Rogue, do, however, always have a slight disadvantage when it comes to soloing, no matter the build.

The Rogue, for example, has low defensive stats in general, making it harder to play solo, as you’re required to dodge more abilities and play smarter than if you’re a semi-tanky Necromancer with a large army of skeletons.

That’s the best classes to play solo in Diablo 4!

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