Diablo 4 – What Are the Red Circles on the Minimap?

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While you roam the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4, you’ll occasionally run into a large red circle on the minimap in the top-right corner.

You may not know what these red circles are for and how they work, but after reading this guide, you will.

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The red circles that you occasionally see on the minimap in Diablo 4 are events that appear in various locations around the world. When you enter the red circle, which is the event area, the event starts, and you can see the task on the right side of the screen.

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What are the red circles on the minimap in Diablo 4?

Have you encountered one of the red circles on the minimap in Diablo 4 and wondered what they are?

In Diablo 4, the red circles that you can find on the minimap are events where you have to complete a task within a specific time frame to receive a Greater Radiant Chest. If you don’t complete the task within the time frame but still complete it, you receive a Radiant Chest instead.

These events are not specific to your character, which means that any other players that happen to come by at the same time as you can start fighting in the event as well.

Your task is usually to defeat a group of enemies within a time frame or protect some NPCs from waves of enemies before time runs out. You can still complete the task after the timer runs out, but you will receive a smaller reward.

If you manage to complete the event within the time frame, a Greater Radiant Chest appears in the middle of the event circle, containing various loot, including gear. If you complete it after the timer runs out, a Radiant Chest will appear instead.

Diablo 4 Rewards Chest from Event

You also receive XP and gold upon completing an event.

That’s what the red circles in Diablo 4 are and how they work!

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