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Drop & Smash is a popular hyper-casual mobile on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store by Kwalee.

The basis of the game is that you are on an elevated platform, dropping objects onto other objects to smash them.

You can upgrade different things to get more powerful drops and unlock new objects to smash by completing levels.

Here are a couple of tips and tricks in Drop and Smash to maximize your experience and progress.

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Unlock new objects to smash

In the game, there are different objects on the ground below your platform.

These objects vary depending on the level you’ve reached.

You can drop the object you are currently holding from the platform onto the object on the ground to smash it.

Depending on how strong your object and your power is, you can smash an object on the ground in one to a couple of drops.

After smashing an object, you can move on to a new and stronger object.

The next object will always be stronger and take more attempts to break than the one before it if you don’t upgrade your power.

After successfully smashing an object, you will also see a smash cam replaying the smash you just did.

This is a cool view of the smash from many different camera angles.

You also get interactive vibrations on your device to go along with it.

Smash objects faster by upgrading

In the game, you can upgrade both the power of the object you throw as well as the height of your platform.

Both of these increase the damage your drop does to the object on the ground.

Increasing your power and height will make the objects you drop more powerful so that you smash the object on the ground in fewer turns.

Drop & Smash upgrades

Earn coins offline

The final stat you can upgrade is offline earnings.

The more you upgrade your offline earnings, the more coins the game gives you per minute when you are not using the app.

The currency in the game is coins.

The coins are what you use to buy more upgrades in the game.

The more upgrades you get, the better your stats get, and the more coins you get from breaking the items.

How to spend your coins

Before you start spending all the coins you earn from smashing objects, you should consider how long you are going to play the game.

If you’ve just downloaded it and plan to play it for 30 minutes or more, spend all your coins on power and height upgrades exclusively.

This will significantly increase your earnings while you play.

Then, just before you stop playing for a while, go ahead and throw all your coins into offline earnings.

This will ensure you have a lot of coins when you get back on later on, as you’ll earn a lot of coins while you are offline.

In pure value, offline earnings is the best upgrade as the number of coins you earn per minute while not playing is enormous.

Boost your coin earnings

If you don’t mind watching ads, you can get a lot of useful boosts in the game by taking advantage of ads in the game.

You can use the ads to your advantage by taking up the offers that they give you.

Some examples of the offers are doubling or even tripling the number of coins they give you in one round.

They also frequently give you offers to get a finisher.

A finisher is when the player jumps down and falls on the item instead of dropping the item on it.

This always automatically breaks the item.

Along with giving you a finisher, they automatically double your score.

They sometimes even give offers to double the number of coins you received when you were offline.

This can be very helpful as you can acquire tons of coins depending on your offline earnings stat and how long you are offline.

If you take advantage of the ads the game gives you, you can get way more coins than were you just playing the game.

Drop & Smash gameplay screenshot

The difficulty of smashing objects and thereby the difficulty of the game increases quite rapidly, especially if you don’t upgrade power and height and don’t take a break.

With these tips and tricks presented in this guide, we hope you can progress faster and have a more enjoyable experience in the game.

If you have any other tips for Drop & Smash that you believe our readers should know, you can put them in the comment section below.

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