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You’ve probably seen players walking around with fascinating titles over their heads, like “Who Wants to be a Gillionare?” While that particular title isn’t likely to be on your title list, chances are you have at least one title to equip.

Titles are like a caption or form of address for your Final Fantasy XIV character. They are a fun way to show off an achievement or get into roleplaying your character.

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To equip a title in FFXIV, all you have to do is go to the Character menu, click on profile, select “Title”, choose a title you have acquired, and then click Save.

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How to Equip Titles in FFXIV Step-By-Step

It’s easy to equip titles in FFXIV, but don’t feel bad if you don’t know how because it is not intuitive.

But once you do learn how it’s easy to change your title as often as you like.

Step 1: Go to Character

The first step in equipping a title is to go to Character. Make sure you do this in a safe area, like a city, so you won’t get attacked while changing your title.

You can get to Character by going to the first circle on the bottom left of the screen and then clicking Character. Or you can press “C” on the PC.

Step 2: Go to Profile

After you’re on the Character page, go to Profile, which is the second tab on this window at the top.

FFXIV Profile Button

You know you’re on the right one if there’s a small yellow light in the bottom left corner of “Profile”.

Step 3: Click on Title and Choose One

Once you are on the Profile page, find the word Title, which is right under the Attributes and Profile tab. Next to your name there, you will see a small circle that looks like it has a piece of paper on it. Click on that.

FFXIV Titles Button

From here, you can change your titles as often as you want.

The more titles you unlock, the longer the list will be, as it only lists acquired titles.

FFXIV titles menu

If you have more than 100 titles, you’ll have to use the arrows at the bottom to navigate them.

Don’t forget to save your title to ensure it equips.

How to Unlock Titles in FFXIV

Before you can equip a title, you have to unlock one.

There are many ways to unlock titles via achievements, but we’ll go over the primary ways you can. 

  • Fighting – killing enemies, even in the wild, can grant you title achievements, but the fan-favorite titles come from hunts
  • Leveling – all classes have achievements for leveling them that award titles
  • Earning Currency – whether it’s Gil or company seals, most currencies have achievements attached to them that award titles
  • Collecting Stuff – minion collection achievements are great for titles
  • MSQ – the MSQ grants you a ton of titles just by completing certain quest benchmarks
  • Other Quests – some random questions give you titles, especially blue quests
  • Co-Op Content – whether it’s completing dungeons or earning commendations, matchmaking is a great way to earn titles
  • PvP – many PvP achievements that grant titles are based on your rank, but some are purely from playing PvP (some are even gotten from spending wolf marks on specific sets)
  • Crafting – crafting items with each crafter will grant you an array of titles referencing the craft (the same goes for gathering)

This covers most of the methods to earn titles via achievements, but there are still random methods not covered here.

After you get a title you like, equip it and show the world what you have accomplished. Don’t hesitate to shoot high and earn a title only 1% of players own.

For example, Lone Hero, which you earn from completing floor 100 on Heaven-On-High solo. Now that’s an achievement!

That’s all you need to know about changing your title in Final Fantasy XIV.

Feel free to let us know if you have anything else to add in the comments below, and don’t forget to tell us your favorite title!

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