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Collectables are unique items in FFXIV that serve only one purpose.

They are crafted or gathered and then turned in for currency and experience.

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To turn in regular Collectables in FFXIV, visit a Collectable Appraiser in any of the main cities. Each appraiser is locked behind a quest that requires a specific level of Disciple of the Land or Hand.

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Where to Turn in Collectables in Final Fantasy XIV

Collectable Appraisers are the go-to for the primary type of Collectables. There are eight Collectable Appraisers in the game, each requiring a quest to unlock.

When you unlock the Appraiser, you also unlock the Scrip Exchange and Splendors Vendor. With these, you get to spend the Scrips you earn by turning in Collectables.

All Collectable Appraisers have the same set of items. The reason there are so many is for convenience purposes.

To start the quests needed to unlock Collectable turn-ins, complete the Heavensward MSQ The Better Half.

Inscrutable Tastes

  • Limsa Lominsa (6-12)
  • Gridania (14-11)
  • Ul’dah (14-9)
  • Mor Dhona (22-7)

The first set of Collectable Appraisers are unlocked by completing the level 50 Inscrutable Tastes quest. To start it, find Morgayne in Foundation.

Once you complete the quest with a level 50 or above Disciples of the Land or Hand, go to the above locations to access the Collectable Appraiser.

Go West, Craftsman

  • Idyllshire (6-7)
  • Level 60

To unlock the Idyllshire location, complete the Go West, Craftsman quest. The quest is two quests after Inscrutable Tastes.

Go West, Craftsman also unlocks the next tier of turn-ins. So you get to turn in level 60 items instead of just the previous level 50 ones.

Reach Long and Prosper

  • Rhalgr’s Reach (10-12)
  • Level 60

Named after the Star Trek salutation, Reach Long and Prosper is another level 60 Collectable quest. Find the quest in Mor Dhona after you complete the previous quest and level 60 with a hand/land class.

The Boutique Always Wins

  • Eulmore (11-11)
  • Level 70

The Boutique Always Wins is a Eulmore quest that starts in Eulmore by talking to Mowen. Like with the other quests in the line, you must complete the Splendor unlock quest separately afterward.

Expanding House of Splendors

  • Radz-at-Han (12-10)
  • Level 80

To complete this quest, you first must complete the Endwalker MSQ The Jewel of Thavnair. Once you do, you can unlock the remaining Collectable Appraiser and the final tier of Collectables.

Other Collectables

The main Collectables in the game are from the above vendors. However, there are three other types of Collectables that are unique to their methods.

The Aetherial Reduction is not a method that involves turning in Collectables, but rather breaking them down. The other two methods do involve turn-ins.

Ishgardian Restoration

The Isghardian Restoration is a festival and project in Isghard. There is a lot to do in the area, but one of the most popular involves Collectables.

Talk to Potkin after completing the Isghardian Restoration quests to get started. The items you turn in for Potkin give you Skybuilders’ Scrips rather than Crafting or Gathering Scrips.

Doing this is a good way to rack up Skybuilders’ Scrips to buy unique items while leveling your Crafters and Gatherers.

There’s a special section in the crafting and gathering log to check which items you need for Ishgardian Restoration.

Custom Deliveries

  • Zhloe, Idyllshire (4-7)
  • M’naggo, Rhalgr’s Reach (14-9)
  • Kurenai, The Ruby Sea (28-15)
  • Adkiragh, Idyllshire (5-6)
  • Kai-Shirr, Eulmore (12-10)
  • Ehll Tou, The Firmament (13-11)
  • Charlemend, The Firmament (9-8)
  • Ameliance, Old Sharlayan (15-7)
  • Anden, Il Mheg (17-34)

Custom Deliveries are similar to regular Collectables, but there is a specific set for each Custom Delivery NPC.

Another big difference is that the higher tier the NPC is, the better the Collectable turn-in value.

The process is complex, with each NPC having a satisfaction level that you improve by turning in Collectables.

Now you know where to turn in Collectables in Final Fantasy XIV.

Do you have a go-to Collectable that you turn in every week? Let me know in the comments.

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