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There are multiple chat channels in FFXIV. One of the only exclusive channels not available to all is the Novice Network.

The channel is invite-only, and new players may accidentally accept an invite without knowing it. When they do, it’s easy to become stuck or at least feel like they’re stuck.

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To leave a Novice Network, click the leaf icon next to chat. Then head to Leave the Network. Once you do, you will no longer have access to the Novice Network.

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What is a Novice Network and Why Would You Leave?

The Novice Network is a chat channel that sprouts, and mentors join together. New players are given access to a network full of other new players and mentors to answer their questions.

If you have taken a break from FFXIV and returned, you are a Returner. People with the Returner tag are also able to access a Novice Network.

The reason people want to leave the Novice Network is due to spamming, flaming, or simply because they want to clean house. If you’re happy with the network, feel free to stay.

How to Leave Novice Network in FFXIV

Leaving a Novice Network is not intuitive, especially for new players. But there are only a few steps necessary to leave the chat channel that’s getting in your way.

Open Chat, Click Leaf, Exit

You can open the chat by pressing Enter, which will allow you to move your cursor. From here, navigate to the little leaf icon.

You can think of “leaf” as “leave” to remember this, though it is much more. Once you click on the leaf, you will see more options.

There is an option to Leave the Network from here, near the names of other novices. Once you leave, you must be invited back by a mentor to join.

Hide Novice Network

The easiest way to hide the Novice Network is to type /nnetwork off in chat. This is an automatic method, but it can be buggy with certain chat settings.

To do it manually, head to Settings, then General Configuration. This is where it gets tricky and difficult to navigate.

Find the Log window setting and then go to Log Filters. Alternatively, you can click the gear in the chatbox.

All that’s left to do is click each chat window under Log Filters, then uncheck Novice Network. This is part of your HUD settings and does not take you out of the Novice Network.

You can check it back at any time to go back to the way it was before unchecking it.

Now you know how to leave the Novice Network. The reason you choose to do so is all yours!

But if you want to share, feel free to let me know in the comments!

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