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Limit Break is a special ability in FFXIV.

It is a shared ultimate move that the entire party charges by using other abilities. In most cases, melee DPS is expected to use Limit Break, but there are exceptions.

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To use Limit Break in Final Fantasy XIV, assign it to your hotbar and use it like any other ability. The Limit Break bar must have at least one charge before you can use it.

It is best, however, to wait until there are three charges on the gauge before using it.

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How to Use Limit Break in FFXIV

Before you can use Limit Break in FFXIV, you have to equip it. This allows you to use it at any time it is charged. But using it as often as possible is not ideal in every situation.

You can tell when Limit Break is ready to use by the number of orange-yellow bars under the Limit Break gauge.

Unlock Limit Break

Limit Break is available from the beginning of FFXIV. But before you use it, you must equip it with your hot bar. Otherwise, chat commands overcomplicate the process.

Limit Break is in the Actions and Traits section (press P,) which is under the Character menu. Once in the menu, go to General, then drag Limit Break to your hot bar.

You have to do this for each job because each job has its own hot bar. It’s a good idea to make saves to switch between classes quickly and not have to equip gear and set abilities each time.

Limit Break in Solo-Play

Limit Break in Solo-play is simple. If you’re going through a dungeon with NPCs, it’s generally best to use Limit Break only if you’re DPS.

If you’re not DPS and you don’t take Limit Break, the NPC DPS will take it, and that’s a good thing. Use it on bosses off cooldown 99% of the time.

If you’re in a single-player instance without NPC allies, use Limit Break strategically. If you’re a healer or tank, you don’t want to use it at full health.

Limit Break PvP

Limit Break in PvP is different than in PvE. It’s not as significant because it charges so fast. So although you do share it, you probably won’t get called out for “wasting” it.

That said, don’t use it immediately off cooldown unless you’re a DPS and know the strategy. But if it is charged for a minute and no one is using it, go ahead and make the most of it.

When to Use Limit Break

Using Limit Break is class-dependent in Final Fantasy XIV. DPS is the go-to job for Limit Break, but there’s a reason all classes can use it.

Limit Break as a Healer

Healers are the emergency Limit Break users. They do not touch Limit Break unless it’s fully charged and most of the team is down.

On tough bosses, the LB is reserved for healer emergencies. The first two healer Limit Breaks heal, but the third one revives the entire team.

Limit Break as a Tank

Tanks rarely use Limit Break. Each tank Limit Break gives the team a shield. Though this sounds useful, it’s rarely the best use of Limit Break.

There are rare occasions when the tank is expected to use Limit Break. But it’s only when the team is unlikely to survive the next attack without it.

Limit Break as a Physical Ranged DPS

Physical Ranged DPS delivers an AoE attack that goes in a line. They are hardly ever expected to use Limit Break.

In fact, if you’re physical ranged DPS, and you use Limit Break in high-tier duties, expect backlash. There are a few exceptions, such as wave clearing in certain raids.

Limit Break as a Magic Ranged DPS

Magic ranged DPS is similar to physical ranged, but it deals damage in a round AoE rather than a line.

They are only expected to use Limit Break if there are no melee DPS around. Again, there are exceptions, but it’s very rare.

Limit Break as a Melee DPS

Melee DPS is the Limit Break champion. They have the highest output of damage, capable of taking the last 5-15% of a level-synced boss down in one chunk.

If you’re melee DPS, it’s a good idea to use LB off cooldown bosses that aren’t super high tier. If they are ultra-difficult bosses, there will be a specific strategy to be aware of before popping Limit Break.

Now you know how to use Limit Break in FFXIV.

Do you have any embarrassing Limit Break stories? Let me know in the comments!

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