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Sitting on ledges In FFXIV is cute and fun. But there is no Ledge Sit emote or many compatible ledges to sit on.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sit on a ledge in FFXIV. It just takes a little bit of work.

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To sit on a ledge in FFXIV, use the Sit emote near an appropriate ledge. Do not use Ground Sit. Most ledges in FFXIV are not for sitting and thus will not let you sit on them without a mod.

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How to Sit on a Ledge in Final Fantasy XIV

To sit on a ledge in FFXIV, you either have to break some rules or manipulate your surroundings.

The former is risky and is not recommended because you can get banned. The latter only works inside a player’s or Free Company’s house.

Sitting on Ledges with a Mod

Most people who sit on ledges in FFXIV use mods to do so. Cheat Engine is a popular way to do so, but standalone mods like Ledge Sit also work.

However, these mods are against the terms of service because all mods and third-party add-ons to FFXIV are against the rules.

So, using them is risky, even if they aren’t involved in competitive play or are hurting anyone else. Use Ledge Sit at your own risk.

Sit Vs. Ground Sit

There are two sitting emotes you can use in FFXIV – Sit and Ground Sit. If you want to sit on a ledge, sit is the only one that works.

Ground Sit is perfect if you want to avoid sitting in chairs or want to change your position. Otherwise, sit is a more automated version that works best most of the time.

The Secret Ledge Sit for Screenshots

This method only works inside houses, but it’s the best way to get a screenshot of a ledge sit without breaking any rules.

Although using the floating loft glitch is an option, it’s not necessary if you’re okay with a low ledge.

To sit on a ledge in your house, place a ledge with a chair or couch underneath it. Make sure that the seating is near the edge but not so far out that it doesn’t work.

This takes experimenting, but it’s not difficult to get right. After you get it where you want it, you can cover the chair with a cabinet or something similar.

That way, it is hidden, and it looks as if you’re sitting on a solid ledge. It works really well and makes for perfect screenshots.

The way this works is you stand near the ledge of the loft while the chair is underneath. You will try to /sit in the chair, but your body doesn’t go through the loft.

So, you are able to sit on the ledge with your legs dangling. It doesn’t work outside the house, but it is consistent inside.

Now you know how to sit on a ledge in FFXIV.

Have you found another method that works or a secret spot that allows ledge sitting? Let me know in the comments!

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