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Joining a Grand Company in Final Fantasy XIV is an important step in your journey. Doing so unlocks many features that are otherwise unobtainable. 

But when you join a Grand Company for the first time, you must make a choice that will stick with you for quite a long time. You must choose between Twin Adder, Maelstrom, and Immortal Flames.

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To join a Grand Company in FFXIV, progress through the Main Story Quest until you reach the quest called “Hero in the Making.” Once you get to the end of this quest, you get to choose and join a Grand Company. From there, you can continue on the MSQ and start your Grand Company questline. 

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How to Join a Grand Company in FFXIV

To join a Grand Company, all you have to do is progress in the story of Final Fantasy XIV.

You cannot skip this step; there is no other way to join outside of MSQ.

Level to 20

The first step in joining a Grand Company is to level a Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic class to 20. Chances are you will level to 20 just by doing the MSQ.

But if you are under-leveled at this point, you can quickly level up by doing daily Leveling, Palace of the Dead, and micro-leveling instances like FATEs.

“Hero in the Making” MSQ

Once you complete “Lord of the Inferno,” the MSQ that takes you to fight Ifrit for the first time, you will be able to take on the quest “Hero in the Making”.

The quest is easy, but it does have multiple long cutscenes that are meant to help you decide which Grand Company to join.

Speak to the GC Officer You Want to Join

Once you attend each remembrance service (the cutscenes that introduce the Grand Companies), you will travel back to the Waking Sands and choose a Grand Company.

This decision is not permanent because later on, you can switch Grand Companies every two weeks if you want.

But to make your decision this time, you must talk to the officer you want to join and click “yes” when prompted. 

Which Grand Company Should You Choose?

General perks include the ability to buy a house, partake in PvP, and the option to unlock a mount.

So, joining and participating in any Grand Company is necessary for your sanity in FFXIV.


  • Leader: Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn
  • Color Scheme: Red and Black
  • Location:  Limsa Lominsa, La Noscea.
  • Motto: The Sea Swallows All 

Maelstrom is led by Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn, who is a sea commander at heart.

When you join Maelstrom, you stand side-by-side with the woman who wishes to expand her authority to the entirety of the Lominsan waters.

Join this Grand Company to feel like an upstanding “pirate,” even if you’re already a member of the Rogue’s Guild.

Immortal Flames

  • Leader: Nanamo Ul Namo (and General Raubahn)
  • Color Scheme: Black and Navy Blue
  • Location: Ul’dah, Thanalan.
  • Motto:  For Coin and Country

The Immortal Flames are the richest Grand Company, built on the royalty of Nanamo Ul Namo’s family. They have one of the best military teams around, even if primarily made up of mercenaries.

The young Sultana is building an even stronger army and wishes for you to one day lead it.

Order of the Twin Adder

  • Leader: Kan-E-Senna
  • Color Scheme: Yellow and Black/White
  • Location: Gridania, The Black Shroud.
  • Motto: Wood’s Will Be Done 

Order of the Twin Adder is a peaceful Grand Company led by Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna. Their primary wish is to protect nature and the residents of the Gridania.

The Twin Adder is ideal for nature lovers who prefer to take silent actions for the greater good.

Now you know how to join a Grand Company and take that first vow of loyalty.

Let me know if I missed any crucial info about joining a Grand Company. Don’t forget to root for your favorite Grand Company!

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