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Paladin is a fan-favorite FFXIV job. From D&D to WoW, Paladins are a common tank class that is difficult to beat.

Unlocking the Paladin opens up the door for people who don’t have a tank, as Paladin is one of the easiest to learn. Learning to master this tank is another story.

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To unlock the Paladin in FFXIV, head to the Gladiator’s Ul’Dah and talk to Lulutsu, who will give you the quest “Way of the Gladiator”. This quest allows you to become a Gladiator. At level 30, the Gladiator gives you access to the Paladin job.

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How to Become a Paladin in Final Fantasy XIV

Paladin is not available from the start of the game.

To unlock it, you have to become a Gladiator. From there, you can start the Paladin quests.

Other tanks are good choices, but Paladin is the first tank you can unlock. So even if you want Dark Knight, you’ll have to wait a while.


The Paladin job requires you first to unlock the Gladiator class. You can do this from the start by heading to Ul’dah. 

Once in Ul’dah, go to the Gladiator’s Guild, which you can see on the map from the Steps of Thal.

There will be a quest called “Way of the Gladiator,” which starts the Gladiator quest chain. Once you accept the quest, equip the Weathered Sword.

Level 30

Continue through the Gladiator quests as Gladiator from level 1 to 30. The last quest is called “The Rematch”.

Level Gladiator in-between to ensure you keep up with the requirements for the Gladiator quests.

Leveling Roulette is one of the fastest ways to level to 30. Other options include Palace of the Dead, FATEs, and levequests.

Paladin’s Pledge

At Gladiator Level 30, you can accept the quest “Paladin’s Pledge” from the same NPC that gave you the Gladiator quest.

You must complete the level 30 MSQ “Sylph Management” for this quest to show up. Paladin quests continue through level 80.

It’s recommended to continue through the Paladin quests to unlock the Paladin abilities. If you do not, you’ll be stuck with abilities you earn through leveling.

Paladin quests are also a good way to get great gear. For even better gear, spend Allagan Tomestones on Paladin gear sets.

Equip Soul Stone

After you complete the first Paladin quest, you must equip Soul of the Paladin to use the equipment as a Paladin.

If you do not equip it, you will be a Gladiator with limited abilities. Your first set of Paladin gear is earned from the Paladin questline at level 45.

To equip a soulstone, go to your character page and click the soul stone slot. Then, equip the soul stone for Paladin just like you’d equip any other gear piece.

Paladin Basics

People are drawn to Paladin’s due to the classic shield and sword combo. They are the white knight of Final Fantasy, complete with healing abilities and impressive armor.

But the Paladin is more than just good looks. Utilizing the Paladin is important even early on in your Paladin ventures.

One of the first things you should learn about Paladin is which attacks are AoE and which are single-target.

Then, find out which abilities increase your MP and which increase your HP. Using these abilities can save lives and should usually be used off cooldown.

Finally, the Paladin’s shields and buffs are central to their kit. They have some of the best shields in the game and the best heals across all tanks.

Now you know how to become a Paladin in FFXIV. Did I miss any steps to become a Paladin?

Let me know in the comments!  Don’t forget to share your favorite Paladin look. 

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