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Final Fantasy XIV has over a dozen currencies and counting. A handful of these currencies are called Tomestones, which you can only use at specific vendors.

The first of these tomestones you will collect is the Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. As these tomestones begin to cap, you may begin to wonder what to spend this precious currency on.

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The best thing to spend Poetics on in Final Fantasy XIV is Augmented Gear. This will get you from level 50 to over 80, with a few stops in between.

To collect one full set of gear for a single job (and the related disciple), you need around 4000 Poetics.

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What to Spend Poetics On in FFXIV

Gear is the best thing to spend Allagan Tomestimes of Poetics on most of the time.

But if you’ve collected all of them or want to set your sights higher, there are other options you may be interested in.

Relic Ingredients

  • Superior Enchanted Ink (25 Poetics)
  • Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil (15 Poetics)
  • Thavnairian Mist (20 Poetics)
  • Sacred Spring Water (200 Poetics)
  • Mysterious Map (75 Poetics)
  • Unidentifiable Bone (150 Poetics)
  • Unidentifiable Shell (150 Poetics)
  • Unidentifiable Seeds (150 Poetics)
  • Aether Oil (350 Poetics)
  • Umbrite (75 Poetics)
  • Singing Cluster (40 Poetics)
  • Pneumite (100 Poetics)
  • Archaic Enchanted Ink (500 Poetics)
  • Thavnairian Scalepowder (250 Poetics)

Relic ingredients are necessary to unlock FFXIV’s version of Legendary Weapons.

To craft your Poetics, you should follow a guide on the exact relic weapon that you wish to unlock.

Many of them require at least one of the above ingredients.

Other Ingredients

All of the other ingredients except the above are meant for trial weapons (Tsukiyomi, Byakko, etc.) or random other sets of armor/weapons that you can only craft by getting the ingredients from Poetic vendors.

There are also sets you can augment (ex. Exarchic and Neo-Ishgardian) with ingredients you buy from Poetic vendors.

Finally, a few random items, such as exclusive Bardings can only be crafted with Poetic ingredients.


  • Wide-eyed Fawn (3 Poetics)
  • Dust Bunny (3 Poetics)
  • Fledgling Dodo (3 Poetics)

The minions you get from Poetics are purely collectibles because they are cheap. They don’t have value outside of their cuteness, but they are worth the 9 Poetics.

Orchestrion Scrolls

  • Reflections Orchestrion Roll (500 poetics)
  • Frontiers Within Orchestrion Roll (500 Poetics)
  • Faded Copy of Another Round (500 Poetics)
  • Contention Orchestrion Roll (375 Poetics)
  • Ominous Prognisticks Orchestrion Roll (375 Poetics)
  • Aetherosphere Orchestrion Roll (375 Poetics)
  • Six Fulms Under Orchestrion Roll (375 Poetics)
  • Teardrops in the Rain Orchestrion Roll (375 Poetics)
  • A Thousand Faces Orchestrion Roll (375 Poetics)
  • Impact Orchestrion Roll (1,600 Poetics)
  • Westward Tide Orchestrion Roll (1,600 Poetics)
  • He Rises Above Orchestrion Roll (1,600 Poetics)


  • Savage Aim Materia VI (100 Poetics)
  • Savage Might Materia VI (100 Poetics)
  • Heavens’ Eye Materia VI (100 Poetics)
  • Quickarm Materia VI (100 Poetics)
  • Quicktongue Materia VI (100 Poetics)
  • Battledance Materia VI (100 Poetics)
  • Piety Materia VI (100 Poetics)

Materia is a good way to improve your gear score and make gil because it sells so fast.

But before you buy any materia from a Poetics vendor, check the price on the marketboard.


  • A Knight to Remember (100 Poetics)
  • Aetherial Sealant (100 Poetics)

Though Aetherial Sealant is a Relic Ingredient, it isn’t used to make Relic Weapons like the list above.

Instead, it is an ingredient you can use to reallocate stats in relic weapons from the Resistance set. 

Poetics Gear in FFXIV

Poetics gear is one of the primary ways to get near best-in-slot gear for levels 50-80. This is the best way to spend Poetics unless you are aiming for Relic Weapons.

Spend your Poetics before the cap because you can store the gear that you need for future classes in your Retainer.

A full set of any Augmented gear from a Poetics vendor will cost around 4000 Poetics, so you won’t be able to collect a set in one round. 

Level 50 Augmented Ironworks

  • Location –  Auriana in Mor Dhona (22.7-6.6)
  • Item Level – 130

Auriana is available once you reach Mor Dhona, so you don’t have to worry about requirements. She is a blonde Hyur in a tent at the top of the hill near the independent mender.

Level 60 Augmented Shire

  • Location –  Hismena in Idyllshire (5.7-5.2) or Rowena’s Representative in Ishgard
  • Item Level – 270
  • Required Quest – A Great New Nation

Hismena is accessible before you can equip her gear. She’s a young Hyur inside Rowena’s Center for Cultural Promotion.

This is the building in the center of Idyllshire, accessible from three sides, so it’s hard to miss.

Level 70 Augmented Scaevan

  • Location –  Enna in Rhalgr’s Reach (13.9-11.6) or Rowena’s Representative in Kugane
  • Item Level – 400
  • Required Quest – Stormblood

You must complete the Stormblood MSQ to access Enna’s shop. She’s a short-haired, dark Hyur you can find in the building to the east in Rhaglr’s Reach.

You’ll have to pass through the eastern hallway and enter the shops there. She’s standing alone, not near other vendors.

Level 80 Augmented Cryptlurker

  • Location –  Aymark in Eulmore (10.2-11.8) or Mowen’s Merchant in the Crystarium
  • Item Level – 530
  • Required Quest – Shadowbringers

Level 80 is the highest level gear you can get with Poetics (pre-Dawtrail). You have to talk to the male Hyur in Eulmore after you complete Shadowbringers to unlock it.

He’s the easiest to find because he’s in the Eulmore Aetheryte Plaza with the other vendors to the southwest. 

Now you know what to spend your Allagan Tomestomes of Poetics on, so go spend them before the cap at 2000.

Before you do, let me know your infamous Poetic mishap in the comments below!

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