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The best class to play in FFXIV is the one that draws you in. After all, that’s what will get you most excited and, in turn, stick to the game.

But there are still a few beginner-friendly options that most new players find the easiest to get started with.

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The best class for beginners to play in FFXIV is Archer, Pugilist, or Gladiator. They are simple yet still well-rounded.

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What Is the Best Class to Play for New Players in FFXIV?

Though all classes start out slow in FFXIV, it’s best to stick with a simpler job. This allows you to focus on learning the game rather than a complex class.

One thing important to note is that most classes in FFXIV start out as jobs. These jobs then turn into “classes” at level 30.

The classes get new abilities and a Soul Stone. To transform into the new class, you must equip the Soul Stone.

There are four types of classes in FFXIV. Each has a unique role except for Ranged DPS and Melee DPS, which share a matchmaking role.

For example, to enter a synched dungeon in FFXIV, you must have two DPS, a healer, and a tank. That’s why the class you choose matters.

Best Ranged DPS for Beginners

Ranged DPS have a specific job to do, which is doing as much damage as possible without getting hurt. Most Ranged DPS also have utility abilities to support their teammates.

The best Ranged DPS for new players is the Archer. It is a point-and-click class with supportive abilities.

The Archer turns into a Bard, a familiar class in MMOs and tabletops. Almost all of the Archer and Bard’s abilities are instant, making it difficult to interrupt them.

A secondary option for Ranged DPS is Dancer. Though more difficult than Archer, it’s a solid choice as Ranged DPS, in general, are good for beginners because they take less aggro.

Best Melee DPS for Beginners

Melee DPS does the most damage in the game. The risk is that they are squishy classes that have to be on the front lines of battle.

Because of this, they must focus on positioning and staying within range of the healer. Aside from that, they’re still a simple concept.

Pugilist is an extremely simple class that turns into Monk. There is a learning curve when it comes to changing forms, but it’s easy to pick up on as you go.

A secondary option for Melee DPS is Lancer, which turns into Dragoon. The only thing you need to watch out for with Dragoon is the dash that may send you off of certain edges.

Best Tank for Beginners

Tanks have possibly the hardest job in FFXIV. They are the leaders of the group, even if the player is new.

So your group will automatically follow you into battle, counting on you to position the enemy who should always attack you.

Warrior, which begins as Marauder, is easily the easiest tank class in FFXIV. You still must learn how to be a tank, but Marauder is a good starting place.

A secondary option for Tank DPS is Gladiator-Paladin. Though some struggle with Paladin due to the rotations, it’s still easier than Gunbreaker. Learning tank basics helps immensely.

Best Healer for Beginners

Healer is the second most difficult class type in FFXIV. It’s your job to keep everyone, especially the tank, alive.

If the tank dies, chances are, others will, too, because the enemy will start attacking squishies. So your priority should be the tank and other healer if present.

Conjurer, or White Mage, is the easiest healer that most MMO players will be familiar with. They are the classic healer option with super simple healing abilities.

A second option for Healer is Arcanist-Scholar. Leveling Arcanist is a good idea because you can unlock two classes at once.

Scholar and Summoner (a fun DPS) level together as you level Arcanist because they share a base class.

Are Any FFXIV Classes Too Hard For Beginners?

Not necessarily. Unless you get a level skip, all classes are easy because they begin at level one.

If you do get a level skip and start at a higher level, then there are a few classes you may want to avoid.

  • Blue Mage – can’t enter most duties and must unlock abilities through a unique system
  • Gunbreaker – hardest tank
  • Ninja – requires combos, but is still playable
  • Astrologian – hardest healer
  • Summoner – easy to start, difficult to master

Now you know the best class to play for new players in FFXIV.

Have you had any luck with a class you had your eye on? Let me know in the comments!

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