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Reviving in FFXIV is the act of bringing someone back from the dead. The job is primarily left to healers, though the Red Mage and Summoner have raising abilities, too.

In this guide, we cover how to revive one of your teammates, who is capable of doing so, and other tips.

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To revive someone in FFXIV, activate the Raise ability. This resurrects the target to a weakened state, allowing you to heal them. For the Arcanist, this is called Resurrection, and for the Sage, it’s Egeiro. The Astrologian calls it Ascend, and Red Mage calls it Verraise.

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How to Revive Someone in Final Fantasy XIV

Reviving seems intuitive if you’re a healer main in FFXIV. But for others, you may end up walking around in circles because there isn’t a great tutorial for using Resurrect.

Check Downed Players

Checking for downed players is easy if they are in your party. Look to the left and see if anyone’s health bar is gone. If it is, they are down and need a revive.

It’s also possible to heal someone by clicking their character in-game. This is useful if you see someone down but can’t find their name on the screen.

Get Close

Once you find a downed player, get close to them, and as soon as your revive ability is highlighted, you are in range. If it goes dark, try getting even closer.

Use Revive and Wait

Once you are in range, click on your raise ability on the hotbar or the associated number.

If this gets interrupted, it’s probably because another healer is reviving them.

Reviving in Alliance Raids

To revive other parties in an alliance raid, you have to pay attention to the alliance health bars. Find this at the top of the screen unless you have moved it.

Then, click on the downed player and revive them. It is more challenging to do, but reviving players as you see them on the field is recommended in Alliance Raids if they’re not in your party.

Who Can Revive

These are the different jobs that can revive teammates in FFXIV.

  • White Mage – Raise (level 12)
  • Scholar – Resurrection (level 12)
  • Astrologian – Ascend (level 12)
  • Sage – Egeiro (level 12)
  • Red Mage – Verraise (level 64
  • Summoner – Resurrection (level 12)

Tips for Reviving

Being responsible for reviving in FFXIV can be overwhelming. First, you have to keep players alive, and then you have to revive them if you fail to keep them alive.

Because of this stress, having a few tips on hand is a good way to reduce the anxiety for new players.

Use Swiftcast

Swiftcast is an ability that healers use almost exclusively for reviving. Because of the long cast timer for Raise, Swiftcast is ideal.

Swiftcast ensures the next ability you cast activates instantly, so you don’t have to stand there in danger to revive your teammate.

Revive Healers First

Healers should almost always have priority when it comes to healing in FFXIV. If you see a healer, DPS, and tank down 90% of the time, the healer should be raised first.

Setup Macros

Macros are controversial in terms of healing, but it does help communicate and cut down on time. They are most often used to let the other healer know that you are reviving so neither of you wastes a Swiftcast.

Phoenix Down

Phoenix Down has been around since the first Final Fantasy game. In most games, it is a life-changing item.

In FFXIV, the item is more useless than it has ever been. You cannot use it in regular duties.

The only time Phoenix Down is a good item is in deep dungeons. Even then, you only can carry one with you, which isn’t that useful either.

Reviving Yourself

It’s almost always possible to revive yourself in FFXIV. But this comes with multiple downfalls that aren’t always worth it.

To revive yourself, you just click “return” or “revive” on the screen after you die. But if you do, you will be sent to the beginning of the dungeon or a specific area.

You will be sent outside of the arena and are unable to enter it until the fight is over. So it’s rarely a good idea unless you are purposely wiping as a team.

Now you know how to revive someone in FFXIV!

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without being revived? Let me know in the comments!

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